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How to Create an Entryway in Your Apartment When There Is None

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When you live in small spaces, like a studio apartment, sadly, you don’t get a grand foyer or entryway. You literally just walk into your apartment, and you’re suddenly standing in your bedroom/living room/kitchen. Ew.

It’s crucial to learn how to create an entryway in your apartment when there is none. An entryway helps you transition comfortably into your home and go out without forgetting all the items you need.

An entryway needs these 5 essential elements:

  1. A place to hang your coat or purse
  2. A place to put your keys
  3. A place to put on and take off shoes
  4. A place to store your shoes
  5. A mirror to check yourself before you head out

Below, I’m going to show you how to create an entryway in your apartment with some simple items from Amazon. I’ll show you 5 entryways for inspiration and then show you how to recreate the look yourself!

How to Create an Entryway in Your Apartment: Inspiration #1

Recreate This Look

Bamboo Clothing Rack

Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Ottoman Stool

Striped Throw Pillow

Over-the-Door Coat Rack

Inspiration #2

Recreate This Look

Bamboo Wood Circle Mirror

Bamboo Coat Rack

Cushioned Mid-Century Modern Bench

Straw Storage Baskets

Inspiration #3

Recreate This Look

Gold Sunburst Mirror

Rustic Whitewashed Full-Length Mirror

Cushioned Bench

Rattan Umbrella Stand

Moroccan Pouf

Inspiration #4

Recreate This Look

Grey Dresser

Black Circle Mirror

White Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Black Shoe Rack Bench

Inspiration #5

Recreate This Look

Wooden Farmhouse Console Table

Black Wire Storage Baskets

Ashwood Rectangular Wall Mirror