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12 Airbnb Decor Ideas that’ll Encourage a 5-star Rating from Guests

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Decorating an Airbnb is serious business. But the good news is, many things you buy for the Airbnb can be written off as a business expense (this is not tax advice, as I am not a tax professional!). Below are the top Airbnb decor room ideas for hosts that want to give guests the BEST experience possible.

1. Charging station

Keeping phones and tablets fully charged while on the go is a huge pain point for travelers, and if multiple guests are staying in your Airbnb at the same time—they will be fighting over a single charging cable.

That’s why having a charging station with multiple cables is the perfect Airbnb decor that’ll make your guests less stressed.

2. Comfy seating

For fabric, I would steer clear of suede or microsuede. That’s because suede (or faux suede) gets stained/smudged very easily, and it’s tough to clean off. Instead, opt for faux leather or cotton/polyester couches. They are easier to spot clean.

Also, look for convertible, sleeper, and storage sofas. Multipurpose is great for Airbnb and very convenient!

Here are some ideas for you:

Faux leather convertible sofa

3-seat linen sectional convertible sofa

Pull-out sleeper sofa with storage

3. Comfortable mattress

This piece of furniture is SO important that I wrote an entire post on the best mattresses for an Airbnb. One great option is the Tuft & Needle Mint memory foam mattress.

4. Workstation

Many of your Airbnb guests will need to get work done during their stay (especially now that remote work is so normal). Make their lives easier with a dedicated workstation for them to plug in and focus. This really can be as simple as a desk, comfy chair, and desk lamp. Here are my suggestions:

Computer desk

I chose this desk because of its easy-to-wipe surfaces and sturdy metal frame. Between guests, you’ll be dealing with a lot of spills and doing a lot of wiping down, and you don’t want something that can get damaged easily.

Ergonomic office chair

Yes, an ergonomic office chair makes ALL the difference. Your guests will be sitting for potentially hours at a time and will appreciate a chair that conforms well to their body and supports their back.

LED desk lamp with wireless charging and USB port

Again, finding a convenient charging space is a huge pain point for guests! This lamp is great because it has both wireless and USB port charging. Plus, it has a touch dimmer so guests can easily adjust the brightness of the light.

5. Coffee/tea station

The vast majority of guests rely on tea or coffee (or both!) on a daily basis. Providing a coffee/tea station will absolutely delight them!

For Airbnbs, I find that the most convenient thing to offer is either a Keurig or a Nespresso machine. You could do a drip coffee machine, but providing the right amount of ground coffee is a challenge. Plus, you run into hygiene issues as multiple guests could share one bag of coffee. With a Keurig or Nespresso machine, there are individual pods, making it much cleaner!

K-Mini Plus Keurig Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Absolutely love this Keurig because it’s one of their slimmest models—so it doesn’t take up much counter space! Plus, it has a “strong brew” button for those of us who love a strong cup of coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

If you really want to wow your guests, the Nespresso machine is the ultimate luxury. It brews a perfect, delicious espresso in seconds. And the wide variety of Nespresso capsules means there’s something for every taste.

6. Keyless entry

One of the biggest inconveniences on a trip? Getting locked out of your Airbnb! Prevent that with this keyless entry doorknob. Your guests will feel at ease knowing they don’t have a key to keep up with. And if for some reason they can’t access the code, you can unlock it for then remotely through an app!

7. Entryway hangers/organization station

Walking into an Airbnb after a long day of sightseeing, guests just want to be able to drop their coats, shoes, and bags in a nice place and keep things organized. That’s why creating an entryway area is so important.

Here are my fave items for creating a welcoming, organized entryway space:

Bench + Shoe Rack

With this, guests sink into the cushioned bench and kick off their shoes in comfort,

Coat rack shoe bench

Step it up a notch with a coat rack AND shoe bench.

Shelf with hooks

If you don’t have a lot of space and want to keep it simple, install this shelf with hooks by the front door.

8. Plush white bath towels

It’s well-known in the Airbnb host community that the smartest move is to use white bath towels. Why do you think hotels always have white linens? It’s because it’s easier to spot stains on them, and you can always bleach them to clean them. In addition to that, guests love seeing a spotless white towel. Darker towels can hide dirt, so your guests will always wonder just how clean they are.

These 100% Turkish cotton bath towels are extra fluffy and feel luxurious.

9. White cotton sheets

These are the exact white cotton sheets I use on my bed! They feel luxurious and wash and dry well.

10. Local touches

Adding artwork and goods from a local artist or store is SUCH a nice way to stand out. Airbnbs have a tendency to feel sterile. By adding items unique to your area, you’ll infuse your space with personality.

11. Hardy plants

One of the best ways to liven up a drab space is to add LIVE plants! And don’t worry, some plants don’t need much care at all. I highly, highly recommend the pothos plant; it can go SO long without any care, and it thrives in pretty much any lighting. I once left mine alone for almost a month, and when I returned, it was just fine!

12. Wirelessly controlled thermostat

The Amazon Smart Thermostat allows you to control your Airbnb’s thermostat remotely. This is super useful in case a guest checks out but forgets to turn the AC off. You can do it from the app to save energy when you know no one is at your Airbnb.