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20 Gifts for Your Cat-Obsessed Friend (All Available on Amazon!)

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Cats: furry felines, conniving companions, rulers of their human servants. You’ve likely got at least one friend who is particularly fond of these incredible creatures. I personally am a HUGE cat lover, and below, I have rounded up the best gifts for your cat-obsessed friend that are guaranteed to impress!

And even better: They’re ALL available via Amazon Prime, so you can ship these babies out in two days when you procrastinate on Christmas shopping and are scrambling for a gift (not that you would ever do that…).

#1 Silk Cat Eye Mask


Have a friend loves felines and enjoys cat naps? Get her this cute silk cat eye mask for sleeping. It’s even contoured so it doesn’t smash down on her eyes while she sleeps.

#2 Pink Cat PJs

The only thing better than cozying up to a cat during those cold winter nights is wearing these comfy cat PJs. They’re 100% cotton jersey, so they’re super soft and cozy!

#3 Kitty Night Light

We all have that cat-obsessed friend who loves ALL things kitty decor. This kitty cat night light is the perfect addition to their collection. It’s LED (so efficient!) and made from soft-to-the-touch silicone. =

#4 Cat Ceramic Mug Set with Spoons

Have a cat lover friend who also loves to sip tea or coffee? Get them this cute cat mug set!

#5 “Time Spent with Cats Is Never Wasted” Oven Mitts

If your friend loves to cook, keep their hands safe with these cat-themed oven mitts. Who doesn’t love a practical AND cute gift?

#6 Bluetooth, Noise-Canceling Cat Ear Headphones

These stylish cat ear headphones are noise canceling, wireless, AND come with a built-in mic, so your cat-lovin’ friend can listen to music, do gaming, or even attend work Zoom meetings and be the envy of all her coworkers. 😉

#7 Kitten Ear Socks

Continuing on the cat ear theme, we have this adorable set of socks with protruding kitten ears. With winter coming up, these make the perfect gift for the friend who’s always cold.

#8 Cat Gel Pens

Does your cat-obsessed friend love taking notes or doodling? This set of six black gel pens make the perfect stocking stuffer!

#9 Cat Coasters

Here’s another practical gift that’s also fun! This set of six silicone cat coasters is a cute way to protect your friend’s furniture, while also adding the fun of having that one grumpy cat face silently judging you every time you sip your drink.

#10 “I Work Hard so My Cat Can Live a Better Life” Cat Picture Frame

Is your friend a cat owner who works hard for her kitty? Make her laugh and warm her heart with this creative picture frame. The heart is hand-strung and 3D, not flat. Very unique!

#11 Cat Backpack with Bubble Window

Cats love to explore, so what better gift than this space capsule backpack carrier? Also, not even joking, Taylor Swift has a similar one! Your cat-obsessed friend can carry her companion with her everywhere she goes, without depriving them of a wonderful view.

#12 Escape-Proof Cat Harness and Leash

Okay, maybe a space capsule is too confining for your friend’s free-spirited cat. Then consider getting them this cute escape-free harness with a leash. Your friend’s feline can strut their stuff up and down the block, without running away.

#13 Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Only get this if you’re cat-obsessed friend has a good sense of humor! This crazy cat lady action figure will make her laugh and remind her that she’s basically a superhero.

#14 Automatic Feeder with Voice Recorder

This automatic feeder is perfect for the friend who’s always busy and the cat who has everything. It can be programmed to dispense the food up to 4 times a day, and you can record a voice message to get the cat conditioned to hearing the voice and knowing its mealtime. Technology is incredible, right?!

#15 Cat Water Fountain

Many cats prefer running water; that’s why so many of them can be caught licking the water dripping from a kitchen or bathroom sink! One way to get cats to love drinking their water is to get them a water fountain like this one. As an added bonus, this fountain helps keep the water clean and fresh!

#16 Recordable Buttons That Teach a Cat to “Talk”

Okay, these recordable buttons can be the MOST AMAZING gift for the cat owner who has tons of patience. Did you know you can teach cats to “talk” by pressing the right buttons to communicate? Definitely check out Billi the talking cat on Instagram to see what I mean. Billi’s owner trained her in a mere three weeks, and Billi is an older cat—so you can definitely teach an old cat new tricks! Get these buttons and watch your friend be amazed at what her cat can do with proper training and time.

#17 Automatic Litter Box

No cat owner enjoys cleaning poo and pee from a litter box every day—so why not spare them the dirty job? This automatic litter box self-cleans, which means the owner has to change the tray only once every few weeks! Plus, it uses crystals to cut down on dust, and it has a health counter that tracks how many times your cat uses the litter box.

#18 Cat Toilet Training Kit (As Seen on Shark Tank!)

Gimmick or game-changer? You be the judge! This is yet another way to bypass the litter box: Teach the cat to use the toilet like a human! This product was even featured on Shark Tank. This could be a great gift for a friend who owns a cat and has a sense of humor (and some patience to train the cat!).

#19 Rose Gold Cat Freshwater Pearl Earrings

If your cat-obsessed friend is a classy lady, these pearl earrings are the perfect gift. They’re made with freshwater cultured pearls and 925 Sterling silver. This is the rose gold version (which I find stunning!), but there is also a silver version.

#20 Cat-Shaped Hugging Pillow

Purr-fect (sorry, had to!) for the cat lover who doesn’t own a cat. This huggable pillow is nearly 2 feet long and super soft. Great for some stress relief! (And who doesn’t need stress relief these days?!)