How to Book an Extra Seat on Delta for Yourself (I Did It!)

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Yes, you can buy an extra seat on Delta so that no one sits next to you—but you must call a special number and speak to a representative to do so. I just did this and bought two First Class tickets so I could have an entire row to myself on a 6-hour flight. No, I’m not rich. Yes, it was splendid.

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Book your ONE seat for yourself OR skip this step and go straight to step 2

I booked my first ticket myself on the Delta website. Then, I decided I wanted an extra seat, and that’s when I called the number in step 2. You cannot book two seats for yourself by yourself online. You must call the number in the next step.

Step 2: Call this Delta number: 1-800-221-1212

Call Delta at 1-800-221-1212. It’s highly likely there will be a long wait (over an hour). You have the option to receive a callback. That’s what I did.

I got the call back from Delta two hours later.

Step 3: Tell the representative that you want to purchase the seat next to you as an extra seat for yourself so no one sits next to you.

Tell the Delta representative that you want to book an extra seat for yourself so that no one sits next to you. If you have already booked your first seat, tell them that. Then, give them your confirmation number so they can look up your existing booking and then book the seat next to you. Be sure to tell them the exact seat number that you want to book your extra seat in.

I was on hold for a long time because the agent had to get his supervisor to approve the extra seat booking. But I got it all done within 15 minutes. He asked for my credit card number, and I paid over the phone.

Step 4: Check your email for confirmation of the Extra Seat booking.

I got an email confirming my extra seat booking. For your extra seat ticket, the name on the ticket and boarding pass will be “EXST [YOUR LAST NAME]”

Step 5: You MUST check in BOTH seats when you get to the airport.

If you book two seats (yourself and Extra Passenger), you will NOT be able to check in online. You must check in at the airport. Make sure you tell the person at the check-in counter that you have TWO tickets and that you want to check in both.

Step 6: Scan BOTH boarding passes at the gate before you board your flight.

When you approach the gate attendant, tell them, “I have two boarding passes for myself.” When I said this, the gate attendant smiled and said, “Thanks so much for letting me know! That helps.” So I think they like this!

Other Notes About Booking an Extra Seat on Delta

Your extra seat will not earn miles.

Sorry, but booking an extra seat will not earn you extra Skymiles.

Your extra seat will not grant you extra carry-on or checked luggage.

Your extra seat ticket also does not give you extra carry-on or checked bags.

Does the extra seat cost more than the original seat?

No, there is no special cost added to an extra seat booking. As long as prices haven’t changed, the price should be the same as the one you purchased your original ticket for. My extra seat cost the exact same amount as my first seat.

Why do people book extra seats for themselves?

All sorts of reasons. I booked a second seat for myself because I was afraid of catching Covid and wanted to have social distance on the flight. Some people book an extra seat because they want extra space or because they are larger in size and need the extra seat to sit comfortably.