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DIY Ladder Shelf Decorating Ideas – A Guide to Style Your Home

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Ladder shelves are a great way to add storage and display space to any room. If you have an open wall or space, you can easily install your own ladder shelf. It’s a great DIY project that will give you the opportunity to be creative with your decorating style and add some extra storage space. The absolute cutest decoration is actually one that doesn’t need any craftsmanship, costs almost nothing, and takes just a few minutes.

Ladder shelves are a beautiful and easy way to add storage and style to your home. If you’re looking for ways to get creative with your ladder shelf, here are some ideas!

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Add Color With Paint

If you don’t have much money to spend on decorating your ladder shelf, one option is to paint it! This will give it a whole new look that can work well with other items in your home.

By painting the wood with a light color like white or yellow, this will also help reflect light throughout the room. You could also use darker colors like black or red if you want something more dramatic.

This makes a great way to add color without spending too much money on supplies just grab some paint brushes and go!

Showoff Flowers

Flowers are always a great way to add color and life to any space. You can use real flowers or fake ones either way, it’ll be a great touch of color. And if your ladder has already been decorated with some other kind of decoration, you can use it as an opportunity to highlight the flowers even more by placing them on top of something else. For example, if you have a vase full of flowers on the shelf, place them in front of the vase so they’re visible when people look at the shelf from above (or below).

You can use any kind of flower you like, or even mix them together if you want something more interesting. Just be sure to keep the flowers out of direct sunlight so they don’t wilt before their time.

Ladder Shelf as Bookcase

This is one of our favorite ways to use a ladder shelf! It looks so chic and modern and can be used for any type of book collection fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, cookbooks, etc. All you need is some paint and some wood staining for the rungs (or if you want them white). Then just nail down some plywood sheets on either side of the rungs and voila! You’ve got yourself a great place to store all those books that were cluttering up your living room.

You can also create shelves out of wooden planks that are cut to size and attached together with screws or nails on top of each other until they reach the desired height. You can even paint them so they match the color scheme of your room!

Add a mirror or chalkboard

You can use any size mirror or chalkboard that fits on top of your ladder shelf. For example, if your shelf is 6 feet tall, but only 4 feet wide, you could use a small mirror or chalkboard that’s only 2 feet wide.

Or if it’s 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, then use something larger like an old window pane or piece of plywood. It all depends on what works best with the room where you plan to place the shelf and how much space you want to take up with decorations!

Make sure the mirror or chalkboard is clean before attaching it so that dust doesn’t get trapped underneath when rubbing chalk over it!

Then use heavy-duty glue (like Gorilla Glue) and clamp down each corner until dry so nothing moves around while drying overnight.

Use as Wall Art

If you want to use your ladder as wall art, try hanging it horizontally on a wall with some hooks or nails at different heights along its length so that it looks like an abstract sculpture rather than a functional piece of furniture!

This works especially well if you have multiple ladders to hang up together because they’ll create an interesting pattern on their own or when combined!

Add planters

If you have a small garden area in your yard, why not bring it inside? If you’re looking to add some extra life to your ladder shelf decor, consider adding planters.

You can use them to grow succulents and other plants that will bring some greenery into the room, or you can fill them with water and make them part of a centerpiece.

If you’re worried about watering or maintaining the plants, try something like a cactus; they don’t need much maintenance!

To make it even easier on yourself, buy plants that are already growing in pots so all you have to do is transfer them into the new pot and fill with soil or mulch (depending on how much water they need).

Add Baskets

Baskets are great for organizing small items like jewelry, makeup, or even toys and they look super cute on your ladder shelf. But you don’t have to stop at just one basket.

You could get two baskets, or three, or even more! Just make sure that you have enough space in between them so that you can easily grab things from each basket.

You can also use baskets as decor: fill them with flowers, plants, or other greenery to add some natural beauty to your room! It doesn’t matter what they’re holding they’ll still look great hanging off of your ladder shelf.

Hanging clothes

You can hang clothes on a ladder shelf, which is great because it frees up space in your closet or dresser! If you need more room, hang them on the bottom shelves and put shoes on top of them.

This way, when friends come over they’ll see your beautiful shoes instead of dirty laundry and you’ll be able to grab something new without worrying about whether it goes with what’s hanging up there already.


How can I make my shelves look more attractive?

The Ladder Shelf is a great way to display your favorite books, knick-knacks and photos. But if you’re not happy with the look of your ladder shelf, we’ve got some tips for how you can make it look more stylish.

1. Decorate with books or magazines. You can use these as decorations for the shelf or just leave them there so that anyone who walks by can see what you’ve been reading lately.

2. Use some plants on your ladder shelf if you have room for them. They’ll add color and life to the space, which will make it feel warmer and more inviting.

3. Add some framed pictures of people who mean a lot to you, whether they are family members or friends. This will help create a cozy vibe in the room where the ladder shelf is located.

What should I put on my ladder shelf?

If you want to display your favorite items, consider adding plants, candles, or artwork. If you’d like to make the space more functional, try tucking in baskets or bins so that you can store things like tools and cleaning supplies.

Whatever your preference, remember that it’s always important to have some sort of lighting in any room. Even if it’s just a few lamps, it makes a huge difference when it comes to readability and ambiance.

How do you decorate step shelves?

There are so many ways to decorate step shelves!

You can use them to showcase your favorite books, or you could add some greenery and a few knick knacks. You could even use them as a place to display your most precious keepsakes like family photos, heirloom jewelry, or cherished pieces of art!

If you want to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with some new decor, adding a step shelf is an easy way to do it without having to invest in an entirely new piece of furniture.

How do you decorate a shelf aesthetically?

The first thing to keep in mind is that no matter what style of shelf you’re making, the most important thing is that it feels balanced. If there’s too much color or too much contrast, it’ll feel unruly and chaotic (like an unmade bed). But if there’s too little contrast or color variation, it’ll feel bland and boring (like a monochromatic mauve). So make sure your colors are complementary and layered so they don’t compete with each other.

The second tip is to try out different textures. For example, if you’re using fabric as part of your design, try mixing different types of fabric together so they don’t all look identical this will make them stand out more against each other instead of blending together into one big blob of texture!

There are many ways to decorate a ladder shelf, and it really depends on your personal preference. You can use books, plants, pictures, or other decorations to make the space more inviting and stylish.

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