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21 Affordable No-Pantry Solutions for Apartments

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When you’ve got a kitchen with no pantry, you have five main areas to optimize:

  1. Drawers
  2. Cabinets
  3. Countertops
  4. Walls
  5. Spaces between stuff (like the tiny awkward space between the fridge and your counters

Below, we’ll go over 21 no-pantry solutions broken down by each of the five categories above. Let’s get started!

No-Pantry Solutions for Drawers

1. Tea Bag Organizer for Drawer

This clear, compartmentalized bin makes it easy to store and see your favorite teas all in one drawer.

2. Bamboo Ziplock Bag Organizer for Drawer

Here’s a space-saving hack: Get rid of those bulky boxes and put the Ziplock bags into this chic bamboo organizer.

3. Drawer Organizer Plastic Bins (BPA-Free)

Prevent your drawers from turning into a jumbled mess by getting these clever plastic bins. This is a pack of 28 BPA-free ones! Perfect for storing food items.

4. Short Airtight Food Storage Containers

I love these airtight food storage containers because they’re pretty short, so you can easily fit them in your drawers. Store pasta, cereal, grains, and more!

5. Medium Airtight Food Storage Containers

If you have taller drawers, these taller airtight containers are great for grains, pastas, and snacks.

No-Pantry Solutions for Cabinets

6. Clear Storage Bins with Handles

These clear storage bins have handles, making it easy to see and grab things from the back of your cabinet.

7. Stackable Expandable Shelf

Optimize that cabinet space by splitting it up into three tiers with this stackable shelf. That way, you don’t forget to utilize that upper space!

8. 3-Tier Step Organizer

The hardest thing about storing things in cabinets is you forget what’s in the very back because you can’t see it! That’s why I love these step organizers for cans and spice jars.

9. 2-Tier Sliding Organizer

This is another great way to ensure you utilize the upper part of that cabinet space. Get a 2-tier sliding organizer. It also makes it easy to pull things forward from the back of the cabinet.

10. Under-the-Sink Organizer

Yes, most people use the space under the kitchen sink for cleaning supplies—but there are no rules! Who says you can’t use it for oils, spices, snacks, or something else?

No-Pantry Solutions for Countertops

11. Tall Airtight Food Storage Containers

These tall airtight containers are great for storing spaghetti or snacks on your countertop.

12. Airtight Coffee Container with Scoop

I hate putting my coffee bags on the countertop. It doesn’t look cute! I love this airtight coffee container because it’s chic and comes with its own scoop.

13. Stackable Countertop Produce Organizer

This is genius! It’s two separate baskets with a bamboo cover for each. You can store fruits and veggies side-by-side on your counter, or you can stack these to save counter space. I also think you could use those bamboo covers as a cutting board. Such a multi-functional piece!

14. Corner Shelf Organizer

Again, we often forget to utilize the space ABOVE things. That’s why I love this tiered shelf organizer. Stick it in the corner of your countertop, and you’ll be able to build up and utilize the space above your countertops.

15. Over-the-Sink Storage

Another space-saving storage item! While it’s advertised for storing things like dishes, who says you can’t put fruits, veggies, and oils on this?

No-Pantry Solutions for Walls

16. 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Produce Baskets

Don’t forget to make use of that empty wall space in your kitchen! You can mount this 3-tiered basket and store your produce. So cute!

17. 5-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

If you’ve got lots of spices but no pantry, get this 5-tier wall-mounted spice rack. Plenty of space for those spices!

18. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are such stylish space savers! You can put oils, spices, condiments, and storage containers on these. No pantry needed!

No-Pantry Solutions for Spaces Between Stuff

19. Slim Gap Storage Cart

This is so clever because it helps you make use of teeny tiny gaps, like the one between your fridge and your oven.

20. Rolling Spice Rack

This storage cart is a bit wider than the one above. You can stick it at the end of your kitchen cabinets/counters and use it to store condiments, spices, and cereal.

21. Standalone Pantry Cabinet

And of course, I couldn’t live this invention off of a no-pantry solutions list! If you don’t have a built-in pantry in your apartment kitchen, just get a standalone cabinet and use it as a pantry. I love this one! 

Some honorable mentions include Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator

4 Pack Magnetic spice rack do all stagger down in sizes, allow for different spice dimensions which gives a LOT more space. The magnets on each of these shelves are very strong and hold well.

Delamu 2 Sets of 2-Tier Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cabinet Under Sink Organizers and Storage

and Delamu 2 Sets of 2-Tier Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cabinet Under Sink Organizers and Storage