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11 Space-Saving Small Closet Organization Ideas

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Get all the small closet organization ideas you need to accommodate all your clothes, shoes, jewelry and more!

1. Maximize hanging space with collapsible hangers.

They don’t call these “magic hangers” for nothin’! These hangers let you 5X your hanging space. Instead of hanging just ONE shirt, this will you hang FIVE on one hanger, but collapsing downward and saving space.

2. Store more items on the shelves with organizing containers.

You could fit so much more on those shelves with the right containers! With these stackable drawer storage bins, you can take advantage of the full height of your shelves, while easily seeing what’s inside the bins.

3. Make use of the closet door with over-the-door hanging organizers.

This over-the-door organizer is fabric with see-through windows so you can easily tell what you’re storing inside! Super cute.

4. Expand storage with an over-the-door hanging mirror cabinet

Oh my gosh, this is GENIUS! It’s an over-the-door mirror and cabinet—you don’t even need to make holes in the door or wall! It comes with hooks on top and a full-length mirror. Then you can open it and store more things inside. Seriously one of my favorite small closet organization ideas!

5. Shrink bulky clothes with vacuum space-saver bags

Time to meet one of my all-tine favorite space-saving hacks: vacuum-suction bags! I use these when I’m packing because I can fit SO much more in my car if I put it in this bag and use a vacuum to suck the air out. This works especially well for bulky items, such as pillows and winter coats.

These are the ones I use, and I love them because you don’t even need a vacuum to use them! They come with a hand pump.

6. Utilize top space with a tension rod shelf.

It’s easy to miss, but don’t forget that you’ve got a lot of unused space at the top of your closet! Instead of wasting this space, utilize it with a tension rod shelf. That way, you don’t have to make holes in the walls. Simply pop this puppy in, and you’ve instantly added more usable closet space!

7. Utilize floor space with storage bins

Similarly, you don’t want to forget all that unused closet floor space! Make use of it with storage bins like these. They’re fabric with a clear window to see in AND lids. Perfect!

8. Add Command hooks in nooks and crannies

As you can see, I’m all about using up every inch of space in a small closet. Usually, there’s some empty wall space in the closet where you can stick Command adhesive hooks. Use these to hang jewelry!

9. Store double the shoes with this organizer

Double your shoe storage with this clever shoe storage organizer.

10. Create an “overflow” closet with a clothing rack

Once you’ve maximized alllll the space in your tiny closet, you can create an “overflow” closet by placing a clothing rack in the corner of your bedroom. Save your best pieces for the clothing rack, since they’ll be on display for all to see!

11. Cull your closet

If you’ve followed all of the small closet organization ideas above and STILL don’t have enough space…sorry to say it, but it’s time to cull your closet! Pick out the items that you haven’t touched in months (unless they’re seasonal) and sell them on Facebook Marketplace, sell them to consignment, or donate them.