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34 Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Tiny apartment? No problem! These storage ideas for small spaces saved my stuff when I moved into my 400-square-foot studio!

34 Seriously Helpful Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Footrest ottoman that doubles as storage

Place this by the living room sofa and you’ll have a footrest that secretly stashes items inside!

2. Modular storage squares/bookcase

I LOVED these things when I lived in my studio apartment! You can stack them in multiple ways and build whatever you’d like. I used them as a bookcase/storage container/divider. It divided my living room from my bedroom. It’s lightweight, so super easy to carry if you need to move.

3. Wire basket coffee table with internal storage

How clever is this? You get a coffee table and end table with lids that lift up so you can store throw pillows and blankets inside.

4. Hanging planters

Plants provide air-cleaning properties, and these hanging planters also draw the eye upward to make your space look bigger.

5. Desk organizers

Declutter any desk with this desk organizer.

6. Baskets

Lemme tell ya, if you are trying to organize your tiny apartment, you NEED baskets galore! The top one is a seagrass basket and was one of my favorite items in my apartment. It has a lovely smell and a cute boho/Scandi vibe. I used it for storing toilet paper in the bathroom, extra blankets in the living room, and I even put a potted plant inside!

7. Bench shoe rack

Clear the pile of shoes when you enter your apartment with this bench shoe rack. It does double duty as a shoe rack and place to sit!

8. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are another must-have for small apartments. They provide storage without taking up any space.

9. Space-saving bike rack

If you bike, you can finally store your bike without taking up too much space. This rack lets you store your bike vertically, saving you up to 3.5 feet of space!

10. Outlet shelf

Okay, this is SO cool! You can turn any outlet into extra storage space and you don’t even have to install anything! This is great for when you need to charge your phone at a random outlet without any table nearby. You can also put your Amazon Echo speaker or a small plant on it.

11. Entryway organizer with hooks

One tip for making a studio apartment look larger is to create separation. Make an entryway with this organizer with hooks. Hang your coats, scarves, keys and more.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

12. Under-the-bed storage bins with wheels

These are my FAVE way to store things under the bed because it’s sturdy and has wheels so you can easily take it out and put it back. Store sheets, knick-knacks, or shoes.

13. Clothes drawer organizer

If your clothes drawer is a mess, this organizer helps you separate shirts, underwear, bras, and more.

14. Foot-of-bed storage ottoman

Another clever storage ottoman hack! Place this at the foot of your bed and it can serve as a place to sit down and a place to store your extra blankets and comforters.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

15. Hanging shower caddy

Don’t you hate those tiny apartment showers with NO shelving? Where are you supposed to put your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? This hanging shower caddy solves that problem and is a must-have for storage ideas for small spaces.

16. Hanging hamper bag

If you’re trying to conserve space in your tiny apartment, you can’t be putting clothes on the floor or even a large hamper. That’s why this over-the-door hanging hamper is such a great piece to get!

17. Over-the-toilet shelf rack and organizer

Small apartment, small bathroom. This over-the-toilet shelf rack and organizer lets you save space. You can even hang towels on it.

18. Over-the-door hangers

This is one of my favorite life hacks. Yes, they’re just tiny over-the-door hangers, but they have so many uses! I bring these with me when I travel so I can hang my purse, makeup bag, or towel on the door rather than place them on dirty counters.

Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

19. Inside cabinet storage

Great for storing grocery bags, sponges, sandwich bags and more in your kitchen sink cabinet door.

20. Step-up cabinet organizers

I have these in my current home. They’re SO helpful because they let you see the spices in the veryyy back of the cabinet.

21. Under-the-sink organizer

Think of all that unused space underneath your kitchen sink. This makes use of it!

22. Over-the-sink drying rack

SO genius! When you don’t have counter space, think UP. This over-the-sink drying rack and organizer maximizes your kitchen space.

23. Refrigerator organizer rack

Need a place to store some spices, hand towels, and paper towels without using up precious counter space? This is your solution.

24. Kitchen drawer organizer tray

Take an honest look inside your kitchen drawers right now…could they use these? Mine sure could!

25. Rolling slim storage cart

Yet another storage idea for small spaces that optimizes those little nooks and crannies that go unnoticed! Slide this slim cart into the space between your cabinets and fridge and you get instant storage.

26. Gripper clip strips for jars

Use these to store your spices on your cabinet door. Clever!

27. Countertop pan organizer

Instead of stuffing pans into the oven, which you then have to take out when you want to use the oven, store them in this nifty organizer.

28. Stackable storage fridge bins

Maximize fridge drawer space and make it easy to find your food items.

29. Hanging paper towel holder

Save countertop space by hanging paper towels.

30. Collapsible silicone food storage containers

These nifty storage containers fold flat when you’re not using them.

31. Hanging fruit basket

How cute is this copper hanging fruit basket?! Store your fruits on display and save space. Bonus: You’ll never forget to eat fresh fruits and veggies when they’re so easy to see all the time.

Storage Ideas for Small Closets

32. Vacuum space saver storage bags

Okay, these space-saving vacuum bags are with me EVERYWHERE I go. One time, when I was moving, I couldn’t see out of the back of my car because the pillows and blankets I’d packed were SO fluffy. Solution: I put them into this bag, used a vacuum to suck the air out, and voila! So flat, and I could see out of the back of my car again. Get these!

33. Space-saving clothes hangers

This is so cool. You hang clothes on these than unlatch the hook, and it will store the clothes VERTICALLY, saving you space.

34. Space-saving shoe storage

Double your storage space with these Shoe Slotz. Such a clever small space storage idea!

Got Any Storage Ideas for Small Spaces You Think I Should Know?

These storage ideas for small spaces are based on my own experience living in small apartments and based on research I did. If I missed anything, tell me in the comments below!