Airbnb Host Tips

15 Airbnb Host Tips to Get You to Superhost Status

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If you’re new to hosting, these are the Airbnb host tips you NEED to be successful. I’ve stayed at more than 70 Airbnbs since 2014 and even co-hosted for a brief period. Below are my best tips to get you to Superhost status soon!

1. Use WHITE bedsheets and towels to make your housekeeper’s life easier.

Have you ever noticed that hotels always use white towels and bedsheets? There are a few reasons for that:

  • White makes it easy to spot stains, helping you maintain a high standard of cleanliness and reassuring your guests when they see a spotless white towel/bedsheet.
  • When all the linens are white, it’s easy for housekeeping to throw all the linens into the wash—no need to separate colors!
  • If white linens get stained, they can be bleached.

So, for the sake of cleanliness and ease—use white towels and white bedsheets in your Airbnb! These are the exact white bedsheets I use on my bed, and I highly recommend them.

2. Ensure your listing is 100% accurate.

This is to cover yourself. Airbnb guests can cancel and request a refund from Airbnb support if they have proof that something you advertised in the listing was not actually present or functioning in the Airbnb once they checked in.

So, for example, if your listing says guests can use the pool, but the pool is actually drained when they arrive, they could cancel and get a refund. Or, if you say your Airbnb has AC, but it doesn’t, they could also cancel and get a refund.

3. Wow your guests with a welcome basket.

This doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate! Trust me, to a weary traveler, a basket of bottled water and a couple granola bars is a sight for sore eyes. Get some great ideas in my post about Airbnb welcome baskets.

4. Include a welcome guide.

Some Airbnb hosts choose to do an online welcome guide, such as through Hostfully (which has a free plan!). That way, they can just message the guidebook to their guests.

Other hosts like to print out a welcome guide and leave it on the kitchen table or living room coffee table.

Whatever you decide to do, include a few key pieces of information:

  • Wi-fi login information
  • Check-out time and instructions
  • Local restaurants, attractions, tips
  • Streaming service logins

5. Have a locked storage closet just for cleaning supplies/turning over the Airbnb.

You know the secret to turning over an Airbnb super fast? A storage closet stocked with all the needed supplies! That way, you or your housekeeper can quickly replace towels, bedsheets, and toiletries so the Airbnb is ready for the next guest.

Why lock it? Because you don’t necessarily want your guests rifling around in there and taking extra toiletries or something. But, I’ve stayed in some Airbnbs that do NOT lock these, and again, if you’re super generous, it’s fine to let guests in there.

Here’s what to stock your storage closet with:

  • Clean bedsheets
  • Clean towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, Lysol, etc.)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom

6. Get a keypad door lock.

Allow me to SING the praises of keyless entry! Your guests will no longer have to fumble in the dark for the key, nor will they lose a key and make you get another one.

I LOVE these keypad doorknobs because:

  • They’re more secure. You can change the key code for each guest to ensure safety.
  • They’re much more convenient. Not having to deal with keys is a huge relief for guests.
  • You can unlock them remotely! You can unlock the door remotely with this Schlage keypad. That way, if a guest gets locked out and can’t remember the code or for some reason the code isn’t working, you can unlock it from your mobile app no matter where you are.
  • You can unlock them with a physical key if needed. If the keypad batteries unexpectedly die, you unlock the door with a physical key that is included too.

This Schlage keyless entry lock will make your life as an Airbnb host SO much easier.

7. Furnish your Airbnb with a super comfy mattress.

At the end of a long day of travel, your guests want to get a good night’s rest. Guests remember mattresses! And while yes, it’s impossible to please everyone because everyone has different mattress preferences, I’ve done the research and found some of the best Airbnb mattresses. Check ’em out!

8. Equip your Airbnb with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Accidents happen. Help your guests be prepared with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

9. Stock plenty of coffee and tea.

Most people drink coffee or tea, and many of those people can’t start their day without it! Be sure to keep your Airbnb stocked with coffee and tea supplies.

Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. Here are some Airbnb coffee/tea supplies that can help you out:

Tea Sampler – 52 bags

Keurig coffee maker

These are super convenient for Airbnb guests to use!

Keurig coffee pod assortment

Coffee creamer – Box of 180

10. Please include a plunger!

Trust me, you do NOT want a middle-of-the-night call from your guests because they’ve accidentally clogged the toilet. Save yourself the hassle by placing a plunger by the toilet bowl.

11. Provide toiletry basics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap.

A lot of Airbnb hosts use this handy-dandy 3-in-1 dispenser to easily stock shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower. Just be sure to label which chamber contains which.

12. Make the wi-fi log-in info super easy for them to find.

One of the most common questions Airbnb hosts can be plagued with is: “What’s the wi-fi login?” Nip this in the bud by making it super easy to find.

Within the Airbnb app, you can enter the wi-fi login info so guests can connect to it via the Airbnb app. In addition to this, however, it helps to also message it to them privately and have a cute wi-fi sign in your Airbnb to make it abundantly clear.

13. Protect your mattresses.

A mattress is a big investment—plus, in an Airbnb, it gets used by lots of different people. Keep it sanitary by using a mattress protector. You can opt for a mattress encasement that covers all sides, or one that is like a fitted sheet with a waterproof layer to avoid stains on the mattress.

14. Use labels to help your guests.

Bust out the label maker because you WILL be using it. Most Airbnb hosts like to label light switches and such so that guests can get oriented fast and don’t have to fumble around the Airbnb.

15. Thank them for their stay!

On the night before checkout, send them a message on Airbnb with checkout time, checkout instructions, and a note thanking them for their stay. This will ensure they check out on time and that they feel valued as a guest! You can also remind them to leave you a review. Airbnb hosts rely on good reviews to keep getting more bookings.