12 Creative Valentine’s Gifts for Boyfriend

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The Day of Love is coming up! If you’re sick of cliche gift ideas, below I’ve curated a list of 12 creative Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend. Enjoy!

1. Write a book about him

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start from scratch! This genius book comes with prompts and templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Your guy will be able to tell everyone you wrote a BOOK about him. How awesome is that?!

2. All-inclusive picnic basket for two

I love this picnic basket because it’s an investment in many future experiences. You can grab this and have a romantic picnic date anytime you want! It comes with everything you need, including a water-repellent picnic blanket, two glasses, dishes, and cutlery.

3. Capsule letters in a jar

What better way to show your boyfriend appreciation than to write little notes on these “capsules”? Anytime he’s missing you, he can pull out a pill and read a handwritten note from you.

4. Customized projection photo bracelet

This gift is SO creative! You get to pick the photo that goes inside the little bead on the bracelet. To view it, your boyfriend can press his eye right up to it and peer inside at the photo. ALSO, he can PROJECT the photo onto a wall with a flashlight. How cool!

5. DIY whiskey infusion

If your boyfriend loves whiskey, he’ll love this. He can infuse whiskey with all sorts of flavors.

6. Wireless charging station

It’s safe to say that we ALL wish we had better ways to charge our phone. This docking station is super convenient because it’s wireless, so he doesn’t even need a cable to charge his iPhone. He can also charge his Apple watch and Airpods.

7. Personalized photo puzzle

If you’re looking for fun things to do as a couple, get this personalized photo jigsaw puzzle. It’s such a thoughtful gift and gives you an activity to do together!

8. Kissing cats couples coffee mugs

Is your boyfriend a cat lover? These mugs are SO cute. You keep one mug and give him the other. When you press them together, the cats “kiss.”

9. “Love knows no distance” candle

Love this long-distance relationship gift: You can customize the candle with your state and your boyfriend’s state.

10. Book lovers gift box

Bookworms will LOVE this book lovers gift box.

11. Gamer gift box

If your sweetie is a gamer, he’ll get a kick out of this gamer gift box.

12. Lovebox long-distance messenger

Okay, this is a MUST-HAVE gift for long-distance relationships. The Lovebox connects to an app, so whenever you want to send your boyfriend a photo or a message, you send it through the app, and his Lovebox heart will start spinning to alert him that he has a message from you. This gift is SUCH a great tangible way to show your long-distance loved one that you’re thinking of them. So thoughtful.