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21 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Decorations for Home

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Want to decorate your apartment for Valentine’s Day on a budget? Check out these frugal find from Amazon!

1. Farmhouse kitchen handtowels

2. Checkered throw pillows

3. Hearts throw blanket

4. Artificial red berry flower stems

5. Valentine’s Day door sign

6. Hearts table runner

7. Watercolor hearts table runner

8. Rose drinking glasses

9. Red felt heart garland

10. 6-piece freestanding decor

11. 3-piece wooden hearts

12. Heart wreath

13. Pom poms felt gartland

14. Falling hearts shower curtain

15. Heart-shaped bathroom mats

16. Valentine’s Day tree

17. Love LED sign

18. Damask rose candle

19. Happy Valentine’s Day wooden serving tray

20. Heart-shaped cheese board

21. Mason jar farmhouse centerpiece

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