11 Luxurious Shower Upgrades on a Budget

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Just because you’re frugal doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a good shower, no matter how small your bathroom is! I live in a small 400-square-foot studio, and the bathroom isn’t that big. But I LOVE me a good shower. Here are some of the best shower upgrades on a budget that I’ve been eyeing for my own space.

1. Bamboo shower bench

You’d be amazed at what a simple shower bench can do. Store toiletries underneath on the bottom shelf, plus take a seat when you shave your legs. Bamboo is an ideal wood for the shower as it doesn’t get affected by humidity that much.

2. Luxurious rainfall shower head with filter

By far one of the best shower upgrades you can do is the shower head. This rainfall shower head comes with a handheld shower head that contains vitamin C and calcium sulfite to remove heavy metals and bad odors from the water.

And the best part? It’s easy to install! Reviewers say this shower head was a life changer that turned their ordinary shower into a spa.

3. Shower squeegee

Want a squeaky clean shower all the time? You NEED this squeegee–especially if you have a glass shower door or marble, like I do. After every shower, simply rub the squeegee all over the shower stall to get rid of excess water and soap scum. Game changer!

4. Fast-drying stone bath mat

Okay, I personally think cloth bathmats are disgusting. Every time you step on it, it gets wet, and damp fabric can harbor bacteria that make the mat smell bad.

Well, enter the stone bath mat! It’s made from diatomaceous earth, which instantly “sucks up” and dries out water. So when you step out of the shower and onto this stone bath mat, it’s always dry and clean!

5. Dried eucalyptus and lavender stems for shower

If you want a truly relaxing shower every time, consider getting shower eucalyptus. You simply hang this dried plant from your shower head, and the soothing aromas will fill your bathroom each time you shower.

6. Daily shower spray

Yet another secret to a sparkling clean shower is this daily shower spray. After every shower, spray this all over your stall to eliminate soap scum and residue. Reviewers say this spray makes their shower stay clean all the time! No extra scrubbing required.

7. Shower bluetooth speaker

Jamming out in the shower is a great stress reliever. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is made juts for that! Simply stick the suction cup to the wall, connect to your phone, and listen to your favorite tunes while you suds up.

8. Rosewood shower brush

Say goodbye to frumpy bath sponges. This rosewood shower brush is long enough to make it easy for you to reach your backside. Plus, it’s higher quality and longer-lasting than a regular bath sponge from the grocery store.

9. Shower drain hair catcher

Sick of snaking hair from the drain? Get this shower drain hair catcher. Place it over the drain, and clean it off after every shower. That way, hair won’t build up.

10. Adhesive shower shelves

Ah, the struggles of a small bathroom! Finding storage in the shower can be a challenge. That’s why I love these adhesive shower shelves.

11. Tension rod corner shower storage caddy

If you need even more shower storage and don’t want to go the adhesive route, try this corner storage organizer! It uses a tension rod to stay up, so you don’t have to drill or stick anything to the walls.