7 Shower Cleaning Hacks that Save You Time!

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I shower daily, so keeping my shower clean has been a struggle. I’ve been perfecting my cleaning routine, and here are the 7 shower cleaning hacks that are going to be saving me time this year. I hope this helps you too!

1. Squeegee

When to use it: After every shower

What it’s good for: Keeping walls and shower glass free of streaks

When it comes to a clean shower, PREVENTION is KEY! Use a squeegee to wipe excess shower water off of the walls and the glass door (if you have one). That way, mildew and soap scum don’t even have a chance to build up. The squeegee will keep your walls and door sparkling. This one even comes with an adhesive hook for easy storage in the shower.

2. Daily shower spray

When to use it: After every shower

What it’s good for: Eliminating soap scum and keeping the shower stall smelling fresh and clean

Another way to cut down on soap scum is with a daily shower spray. It will also help the stall smell fresh! Try the Method daily shower spray from Target.

3. Wet & Forget shower cleaner

When to use it: Once a week

What it’s good for: Cutting through built-up soap scum and making the shower shiny

Every week, spray this Wet & Forget all over the shower stall. Do it at night and leave it overnight for 8-12 hours and then rinse it off with warm water. This will get rid of body oils, soap scum, and grime. It’s ammonia-free and bleach-free, so there shouldn’t be any strong smells when you spray it.

4. Cleaner with bleach spray

When to use it: Once a month

What it’s good for: Getting rid of mold and mildew

Bleach spray is HARSH, so use it sparingly. I only use it if there is obvious staining, such as mold or mildew. I also like to wear a respirator because I don’t like to breathe in the harsh bleach fumes.

5. Comet with bleach disinfectant cleanser

When to use it: Once every 2 months

What it’s good for: Cleaning tile grout if you have that in your shower

If you have tile in your shower, like I do, you’ll need to deep clean that grout every now and then. I like to use a dish sponge and Comet scrub to scrub the grout lines every couple of months.

6. Rain-X X-treme Clean shower door cleaner

When to use it: Once a month

What it’s good for: Cutting through the toughest soap scum build-up

If your shower has a bad case of soap scum buildup that doesn’t seem to be coming off, this Rain-X shower door cleaner might be your best chance at clearing it. Hopefully you’ll use the above shower cleaning hacks to avoid ever getting to that point, though!

7. Throw your shower curtain into the washing machine!

When to wash it: Once a month

What it’s good for: Get rid of mildew and bad odors

Yes, you can wash your shower curtain, or at least the plastic liner.

Wash it on the gentle cycle with warm water, and throw a bath towel or two in there to really rub it clean and prevent the plastic liner from snagging on the washing machine walls or agitator. Then, hang the damp shower curtain liner back in the shower and turn on the fan to let it air dry.