How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Sick of feeling cramped when you take a shower? Below are 10 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger, no matter your budget!

1. Compact toilet

At just 13.4″ wide, this compact toilet is about 7 inches skinnier than your standard toilet—perfect for a small bathroom! Amazon reviewers said it saves space while still supporting larger bodies and flushing extremely well.

2. Compact sink

Sure, you could get a pedestal sink, but as someone who used to have one of those, I cannot in good conscience recommend that. Pedestal sinks have NO storage and NOWHERE to place your toiletries or hair curlers and whatnot.

Instead, opt for a compact sink with cabinets like this one. At just 24 inches wide, it doesn’t take up much space, and you can store products in the cabinets as well as the shelf beneath the sink.

3. Mirror with shelf

Having a small mirror above my sink with a built-in shelf has been a gamechanger for my small bathroom! I’m able to place my toothbrush, sunscreen, moisturizer, and more on this shelf to make getting ready in the morning easy.

I think this mirror is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in gold and black.

4. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are perfect for a small bathroom because they add storage space without taking up floor space.

These floating shelves can be installed above the toilet. They even have one specifically for toilet paper storage!

5. Over-the-toilet storage

Speaking of over-the-toilet storage, this organizer uses tension rods to stay upright, so you can install storage space without drilling holes!

6. Shower storage

Of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the inside of the shower. Use adhesive shelves to add extra storage.

7. Replace tub with shower stall

If you’re ready for a true overhaul of your small bathroom, consider replacing the bathtub with a shower stall to save space.

This sliding door shower stall is perfect for small spaces that cannot comfortably accommodate a swing-door enclosure.

8. Doorless shower

Another great option for small bathrooms is the doorless/frameless shower. It doesn’t have a door that swings open, and this one looks super classy!

9. White subway tile

Installing white subway tile across your entire bathroom is a great way to create a spacious, bright environment.

10. Large mirror with backlighting

Lighting is everything. Backlighting lends the illusion of depth, which helps small bathrooms feel bigger.

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