15 No-Closet Solutions for a Small Bedroom

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My 400-square-foot cottage has one tiny closet upstairs that can’t fit even a quarter of my clothes. I’ve been trying to find clever no-closet solutions for my bedroom for over a year now. Here are the best items I’ve found for storing clothes when you have no closet (or just a super tiny one). Hope this helps!

1. 6-drawer fabric dresser

This is the kind of fabric dresser I’m considering for my lofted bedroom. Because I have to carry it upstairs, I like that it’s lightweight. Also, Amazon reviewers say it’s super easy to assemble.

2. 10-drawer dresser

If you need extra space for your clothes, consider this 10-drawer dresser. Because of its aluminum alloy frame, it is lighter weight than your standard wooden dresser. Assembly is easy, and it comes with screws so you can anchor it to your wall for added security.

3. 4-drawer wood dresser with metal legs

This mid-century modern wood dresser oozes sophistication. It’ll add a touch of class to any bedroom, plus give you ample room to store your clothes.

4. Sterilite 3-drawer cart (2 pack)

If I don’t end up going with the fabric dresser, I am considering these plastic drawers. I like that they’re inexpensive, easy to clean, and lightweight.

5. Bed risers

Take advantage of underbed storage by getting bed risers! They’re a simple way to make your bed taller so you can store more items underneath.

6. Underbed storage containers with clear window

Once you’ve got bed risers installed, you can store clothes underneath your mattress with things like these underbed storage containers with clear windows. These make it easy to quickly glance and see what’s inside. I recommend using these to store items you don’t use very often, such as seasonal clothes and coats.

7. Fabric storage cubes

These fabric storage cubes are super versatile—you can use them to store socks and throw them under your bed, or you can stow them away in a bookcase or on a shelf.

8. 53-quart plastic stackable storage bins (6 pack)

Sure, they’re not as nice to look at as the other no-closet solutions on this list, but plastic storage bins are what I’m currently storing my clothes in! They’re sturdy, stackable, and easy to stow away. I like it!

9. Coat rack

This is a genius no-closet idea: a coat rack! This one is super stylish. Coat racks aren’t just for the front door; they’re great for your bedroom too, and you can hang your jackets, hats, purses, and more on them.

10. Over-the-door shoe organizer

Slip this over your bedroom door for an instant, easy way to store and organize your shoes. I like that it’s mesh so that your shoes can air out.

11. 12-cube modular organizer

I had a modular organizer just like this one in a previous apartment and I LOVED it. I used it as a room divider and bookcase, but it could easily store clothes too! You could even stick some of those fabric storage cubes I mentioned above into these.

12. Fabric storage baskets with handles (3 pack)

These are super stylish storage baskets that would be excellent for displaying anywhere in your room.

13. Clothes rack

One of my fave no-closet solutions is the simple clothes rack! This one comes with wheels so you can easily move it around your bedroom. For the clothes rack, I recommend storing beautiful pieces that you want to show off. Think of it as storage that double as decoration! Then, for your other clothes, you can stow them away in drawers.

14. Freestanding clothing rack

Step it up to an even sturdier clothing rack with this option that holds up to 600 pounds!

15. L-shaped corner clothing rack

If you really need a lot of storage space, this metal clothing rack is fantastic. It holds up to 700 pounds and can be assembled straight across or in an L shape for the corner of your bedroom.