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23 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Renters Who Want Damage-Free Decor

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So you’ve moved into a rental with a tiny bathroom and need ideas for storage that won’t leave damage on your walls? You’ve come to the right place!

Small bathroom storage ideas for renters need to be:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. No drilling, holes, or damage to walls (because you want that deposit back!)
  3. Easy to remove/uninstall (because eventually, you’ll be moving out)

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Renters: Cabinets

1. Over-the-Cabinet Hair Station Basket (Holds Curling Iron, Hair Dryer, Brushes, Sprays, and More)

YES. If you have one of those tiny pedestal sinks with NO counter space in your bathroom, then you KNOW the struggles of trying to do your hair and fighting to find a place to rest your curling iron or flat iron! This clever over-the-cabinet hair station basket solves all your problems. It holds a flat iron, curling iron, blowdryer AND all your hair products in one place.

2. Metal Cabinet Basket Drawer Organizer

Keep your toiletries and makeup organized with this convenient metal drawer. You can stack it with multiple drawers if you want to expand the space inside your bathroom cabinets.

3. Over-the-Cabinet-Door Metal Basket

Here’s yet another storage option for your bathroom cabinet. This goes over the cabinet door and can hold your body wash and other toiletries.

4. Mirrored Behind-the-Door Hidden Storage and Shelving

If your small bathroom needs a TON more extra storage and you want to install extra cabinet space WITHOUT damaging the wall, this mirrored storage shelving is GENIUS. This is seriously one of the best small bathroom storage ideas for renters. Because it installs by hooking onto your existing door hinges, this storage shelving does not require drilling or making holes.

Here’s a pro tip from Amazon users: If you’re a renter, this can be removed without damage as long as you use the double-sided tape NOT the magnetic catch (the magnet is so strong it *might* cause a bit of damage when removed). So use the double-sided tape, and you should be good to go. Plenty of renters reported installing and uninstalling this without damage.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Renters: Under the Sink

5. Under-the-Sink Two-Tier Sliding Storage Drawers

Organize all that wasted space under your sink with these two-tier sliding storage drawers. Perfect for makeup, toiletries, toilet paper, and even hand towels.

6. Under-Sink Two-Tier Expandable Organizer

I love this under-sink organizer because it expands and adjusts according to where your sink pipes are, so you can guarantee a good fit!

7. Under-Sink Metal Shelf and Drawer for Towels

Here’s yet another, perhaps sturdier, option for adding drawers beneath your sink. I would use this one for towels. You can fold large bath towels and put them on top and then roll smaller towels and place them in the basket.

Free-Standing Pedestal Sink? No Problem!

Ugh, I had a pedestal sink at my last apartment and the issue is there is NO storage on that darn sink. It’s too small for placing items ON the sink, and then it has no cabinets for storage UNDER it either. Thankfully, I found these clever storage ideas for pedestal sinks.

8. Pedestal Sink Chrome Storage Rack

9. Pedestal Sink Freestanding Cabinet Storage

The REALLY cool thing about this cabinet storage is that it is FREESTANDING, meaning you just slide this baby right under your pedestal sink—no drilling or mounting required!

10. Barnwood Pedestal Sink Cabinet Storage

Same goes for this one. You can slide this over your existing pedestal sink. It even has the hole cut out to fit around the piping.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Renters: Over the Toilet

11. 4-Tier Chrome Over-the-Toilet Storage Stand

What an easy way to add shelving and storage to your small bathroom without drilling holes!

12. 3-Shelf Ladder-Like Over-the-Toilet Storage Stand

Lots of Amazon reviewers said they chose NOT to mount this piece to the wall and that it was fine, though some admitted it was a tad wobbly. Just realize that if you fail to mount it, it could fall over and injure someone.

13. 2-Tier Short Over-the-Toilet Storage Stand

If you’re concerned about it tipping over, this shorter stand might be a better option.

14. Bamboo Toilet Tank Box/Shelf

The safest option of all might be this small bamboo storage box. It just sits right over the toilet tank, no mounting required!

15. Farmhouse-Style Metal Wire Toilet Tank Organizer

For a more farmhouse feel, try this cute metal wire box to place over your toilet tank. You can put toilet paper and other items in this.

16. Freestanding Slim Cabinet Toilet Paper Holder

Struggling to find where to store your toilet paper? This toilet paper holder comes with built-in storage and is freestanding.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Renters: Shower 

17. Tension Pole Shower Caddy

If you need a LOT of products in your shower (like if you live with other people), this tension pole shower caddy is your best option.

Of all the tension pole shower caddies on Amazon, this one had the highest ratings and best reviews. Many people vouched that it is NOT wobbly. But if you have angle ceilings, then, understandably, it’ll be a little wobbly because it won’t be pressed up against a flat surface.

18. Over-the-Shower-Head Shower Caddy

My biggest gripe with over-the-shower-head caddies is they wobble! They always tip forward or their suction cups come undone. But, according to Amazon reviewers, this one is very stable and reliable. It uses unique technology: An over the shower head hook that clamps onto the shower head on top and then two strong suction cups on the bottom ensure max stability.

19. Command Strip Plastic Shower Caddy

If you just need a tiny bit of storage and you want something that won’t wobble or fall off, then I can personally vouch for this Command Strip Plastic Shower Caddy. I used this in my standing shower stall in my studio apartment I had a a couple years ago. I just stuck the adhesive to one glass wall of the shower stall, and it stayed put! When I moved out, the Command strip adhesive was easy to remove and did not leave behind any residue or damage.

20. Command Strip Satin Nickel Shower Caddy

If you like concept of the above plastic shower caddy but want to class it up, then upgrade to this Satin Nickel metal version of the Command Strip Shower Caddy.

21. Over-Shower-Door Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

This clever caddy goes over your shower stall door. Because it has an adjustable hook on top and two suction cups on the bottom, it will remain stable and secure.

22. Corner Shower Caddy with Adhesive

Corner shower caddies are the best use of space because they utilize forgotten space, and you’re less likely to bump into a corner. This one received amazing Amazon reviews!

23. Stainless Steel Small Hooks with Adhesive

For my fellow minimalists, these small metal hooks are great. They’re low-profile and they stick to your shower wall with an adhesive—so no holes or drilling!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of small bathroom storage ideas for renters. You just have to get creative! Check out more storage ideas for small apartments.