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17 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas You’ll Be Obsessed With

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If the place you sleep is just big enough for a bed and a nightstand, you NEED these small bedroom storage ideas. With this clever hacks, you’ll find storage spots you never knew existed. Let’s dive in!

1. Bed frame with built-in drawers

That space under the bed is the best place to utilize small bedroom storage ideas. Because you can almost always lift the bed higher, and under-bed storage doesn’t take precious living floor space.

This luxurious bed frame is upholstered in linen (my FAVE fabric!) and comes with drawers beneath it that roll out, so you can easily access extra sheets, pillows, clothing, etc.

2. Freestanding headboard with shelving

This is one of the EASIEST small bedroom storage ideas to implement. Because it’s freestanding, you just slide this headboard in between the wall and the head of your mattress, and it’ll stay propped up. Of course, you can also mount it to the wall for extra security. It instantly adds storage for your books, chargers, and more!

3. Bed risers

Remember how I said you can always lift your bed to create extra storage space? These risers are how you’ll do it! They require no installation. They’re so easy. They can add up to 8 inches of space under your bed so you can store more stuff underneath.

4. Under-bed storage

Once you’ve raised your bed, use items like this cute under-bed zip-up storage to store clothes, blankets, and more.

5. Foot-of-bed storage ottoman

When considering small bedroom storage ideas, ALWAYS try to get multipurpose furniture. This ottoman if perfect because you can place it at the foot of your bed and use it as a place to sit AND a place to store those extra pillows.

6. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are my fave space-saving storage item. Because they “float” on your wall, they don’t take up floor space. They’re an elegant, minimalistic way to hold books, plants, photos, and more.

7. Over-door organizer

Easily hang this organizer over your closet door and instantly gain space for shoes, jewelry, and other items.

8. Over-door mirror with hidden storage

Now THIS is a genius small bedroom storage idea: This mirror hangs right over your door (no drilling or mounting required!) and has hidden storage for your jewelry and makeup. What a great way to get ready in the morning!

9. Tall bookshelf

I love this ladder bookshelf. It’s a great way to maximize vertical space in your tiny bedroom.

10. Outlet shelf for phone and Kindle

No room for a nightstand by your bed? No problem! This outlet shelf allows you to charge your phone and Kindle reader, and then rest it on the shelf while you rest your head at night.

11. Space-saving clothes hangers

If your bedroom closet space is limited, these space-saving clothes hangers are a MUST! Because they expand and then collapse, they make it possible to hold SO any more shirts on just one hanger.

12. Vacuum storage bags

Words cannot express how obsessed I am with this space-saving vacuum storage bags. They’re like giant Ziploc bags that seal shut AND you can suck them with a vacuum cleaner to compress the bag down to a very thin size. These are GREAT for storing pillows because pillows have SO much air in them.

13. Floor-to-ceiling tension rod corner storage

Okay, so this is technically meant for the shower, but it’s a great small bedroom storage hack! It’s a tension rod that you squeeze between your floor and the ceiling and it maximizes that corner space in your bedroom. You can use it as shelves for books, potted plants, and anything really!

14. Bamboo towel ladder

Standing at 5.5 feet tall with 6 rungs, this long and lean ladder does two things well:

  • It adds extra space for magazines (hang them over the rung), blankets, and towels.
  • It creates a visually taller look to your room, making your small room look bigger.

15. Clothing rack with shelves

How chic is this?? If you don’t have a closet in your small bedroom, get this clothing rack with shelves. You can add space to hang clothes AND show off your stylish outfits at the same time!

16. Tray table nightstand with storage basket

Okay first just look at how cute this is. It’s Scandi chic, amirite? Also, it’s great for small bedrooms because it has a fabric storage basket on the bottom. Stash your bedside books there. You can also take the basket out and use it elsewhere!

17. Seagrass basket

This seagrass basket was one of my favorite buys when I moved into a small studio a couple years ago. It’s stylish and versatile. Use it to store towels, books, pillows, or even potted plants.