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14 Cute Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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When it comes to small patio decorating ideas on a budget, less is more. You don’t have a lot of space to work with anyway! Below are the best decor ideas for your tiny patio, whether in an apartment or house.

1. Artificial grass interlocking tiles

2. Wood interlocking tiles

3. Outdoor patio rug

4. Steel Patio Bistro Set

5. Hardwood Patio Bistro Set

6. Italian-made carafe

7. Yellow outdoor cushions

8. Outdoor ladder plant stand

9. Bright linen throw pillows

10. Artificial ivy privacy screen

11. Live potted plants

These assorted plants add a bright pop of color. Add them to your ladder plant stand!

The Majesty Palm is one of my FAVE plants to fill a corner of a patio.

12. Fake potted plants

13. Outdoor string lights

14. Umbrella

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