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26 Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Small Apartments

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Autumn is upon us, and if you’re looking for some fall decor ideas for your small apartment—I’ve got you covered, as always! I scoured Amazon for affordable, cute, and cozy decor items for even the tiniest of homes.

These small apartment fall decor ideas will leave you feeling warm and cozy this season!

1. Chunky throw blankets

Fall vibes are all about those thick throw blankets in muted shades like mustard yellow and burnt orange. Throw them across the arm of a couch or pile them in a basket for a cozy look.

2. Bronze spray painted leaves

Here’s a little fall DIY project for you: Collect some leaves from outside, spread newspaper outdoors, wear goggles and a mask, and spray paint them bronze. You can then scatter them across your dining room table or pile them into a clear vase for an autumn decoration.

Materials needed:

3. Pine cones

Save the bronze spray paint from the above craft project and use it to spray these pine cones. Then, add them to a clear vase for a fall bouquet.

4. Pumpkins

Outdoors or inside, pumpkins are the quintessential fall decor item. Place them on the steps leading up to your front porch, group them by the fireplace, or use them as a centerpiece—they’re that versatile!

Real pumpkins are great, but be careful because they’ll eventually rot.

For pumpkins that last for many autumns to come, get artificial ones.

5. Eddie Bauer Fleece Flannel Throw

What’s fall without flannel? Add some coziness to your couch with this fleece-lined flannel throw blanket.

6. Autumn wreath

One of my favorite things to do while walking around my neighborhood is check out the wreaths people hang on their doors. They really add a pop of color and help you get into the mood of whatever season it is.

Don’t forget to get an over-the-door wreath hanger too!

7. Pumpkin spice and mulled cider candles

Ah yes, the two scents of the season: pumpkin spice and mulled cider. Light these candles to help your apartment smell like fall.

8. “Happy Fall” garland

Absolutely LOVE this autumn leaves garland. Drape it over the mantle or line the kitchen countertop with it for a festive feel.

9. “Welcome” flannel wreath

For something a little more understated, check out this small flannel wreath.

10. Fall flannel pillowcases

11. “Pumpkin spice & everything nice” kitchen handtowel

12. Pumpkin patch fall sign

Prop this baby up on a bookshelf or on a table to remind you of just a few of the reasons you love this season.

13. “Autumn skies and pumpkin pies” sign

14. Autumn Leaves Farmhouse door sign

15. Maple Leaf Garland for Mantle

16. Personalized “Happy fall y’all” kitchen towel

17. White Pumpkin and Green Succulents Autumn Wreath

18. Yellow and Orange Pumpkin and Pine Cone Wreath

19. Fall throw pillowcases

20. “Hello Pumpkin” mug

21. “Pumpkin Spice” Galvanized Steel Campfire Mug

22. Fake Flowers Metal Pot Autumn Decor

23. Harvest Centerpiece with Candle Holder (candles not included)

24. Dried Pampas Grass

25. Farmhouse galvanized metal pitcher

Place the dried pampas grass inside this metal pitcher for the ultimate fall farmhouse feels!

26. Leaf string lights