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17 Halloween Decorations for Small Apartments

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I get it: Ya love Halloween, but you’ve got a tiny apartment. You have to get as much Halloween as you can into one small space. And reader, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered! Here are the best halloween decorations for small apartments.

1. Spider webs (fake, of course!)

This is THE fastest, simplest, and cheapest way to spook up your small apartment real fast, and it doesn’t even take up much space. Talk about getting bang for your buck. This fake spider web covers up to 1,100 square feet—which, let’s face it, is probably larger than your apartment. It also has 90 fake spiders. Creepy!

2. Halloween stringed lights

Picture this: The spider web strung across your mantle and these lovely Halloween-themed stringed lights intertwined with the webbing. Super spooky AND classy? Yes!

3. Halloween farmhouse throw pillows – black and white

I love me some seasonal throw pillows. Simply switch your current ones out with these for Halloween, and you’ll have a farmhouse-inspired spooky vibe going on. Who knew the two could go together so well?

4. Halloween farmhouse throw pillows – color

Want a pop of color in your pillows? These are the set for you!

5. Fireplace Halloween Decor Kit

If you’re lucky enough to have a FIREPLACE in your SMALL apartment, then 1) I am jealous and 2) you should totally get this kit. It has fake spider webs, lights, a “book” banner, and 3D bats. This makes decorating SO easy!

6. Fake Black Crows

Channel your inner Edgar Allen Poe with these beautiful, silky black crows. (Okay, fine, so “The Raven” was about a raven, not a crow, but no one can really tell the difference). I happen to think crows are beautiful creatures, and I think this would be cool to leave up year-round! I like this set in particular because one crow is positioned with its wings open.

7. Black Feather Wreath

Continuing the black bird theme, check out this classy yet spooky feather wreath.

8. Battery-Operated Fake Spooky Candles

Gotta love that creepy melting look of these candles. As a plus, they’re flameless, so they’re safer!

9. Bat Vinyl Decals

These are a fun and easy way to add some Halloween flair to your small apartment without taking up much space!

10. Dark Purple Fake Roses

How creepily beautiful is this bouquet?? You can stick this in a dark vase and use it as a Halloween decoration…and then leave it up all year round.

11. Spider Web Tablecloth

I love the detail in this spider web tablecloth. It’s machine washable (gentle cycle), so you can reuse it every year.

12. Dark Halloween Centerpiece

Looking for a goth centerpiece? Check out this one with its dark purple roses and black ferns.

13. 3 Colorful Halloween Wooden Centerpieces

If you want a more friendly-looking Halloween centerpiece, then this is the one for you! Actually, it’s a three-piece set.

14. “Happy Halloween” Banner

This is SUCH a cute banner, and I love the bow details. You can hang this up inside your small apartment, or you can hang it across your balcony (if you have one).

15. 3 Halloween Kitchen Towels

Get a load of these 100% cotton Halloween kitchen towels! The perfect classy addition to your Halloween decor. And I love that it’s useful!

16. “Boo” Doormat

Do not neglect the front door! This is the first place your guests see before entering your house. Set the tone here! I really like how fun this “boo” doormat is.

17. Paper Chandelier

Because it’s made of paper, this one is light enough to hang from a pin in the ceiling, or you can use a 3M hook so you can remove it easily later. Be careful though, I’m not sure if it’ll hold! Test it out first. Alternatively, you could place the chandelier as a centerpiece on the table.