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37 Succulents Arrangements Decor Ideas That Won’t Suck Your Wallet Dry (See What I Did There?)

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Ever troll through Pinterest at the design ideas and decor inspiration and take a look around your home and suddenly want to burn your entire place to the ground? Or is that just me? The home decor envy game runs DEEP and I try to be grateful for what I have but sometimes I see things and I just wanna live like that. I mean, how do they make it look so gorgeous and can decorating on a tight budget really be possible? I found a hack, ya’ll. If you want to add a little SOMETHING to your space and don’t want to break the bank, consider adding some succulents decor.

Succulents arrangements are the ultimate in dgaf decor (in my opinion) because they’re super low maintenance, they’re gorgeous, and they can add the perfect pop of green to a space.

Succulents don’t require much attention (maybe a few ice cubes every other week depending on the varietal you get – hot tip, set a little calendar alarm to remember to water them) and they have so many different shapes, sizes, and shades of greens it can really compliment and brighten nearly any room.

Depending on the pot you plant them in (if it’s a hanging planter or flat planter box or some combination of all ) you can add themed colors to your space and open up the look and feel of a room (without breaking the bank! Yasss Queen!)

What to Know about Using Succulents in Decor

Succulents tolerate the most minimal amount of light, low humidity, and legit weeks of neglect. It’s because of this that they’re an ideal dgaf house plant – particularly for the home decorator who doesn’t give any f*cks and also doesn’t want to accidentally kill the nice house plants they just threw down some coin for at Lowes.

In fact, there are some succulents arrangements that have a reputation for being the kind “that just won’t die” including the Mother-in-law tongue or the sansevieria (more commonly known as the snake plant). A Christmas cactus also has staying power even for the most neglectful home florist and makes a fun “white elephant” gift because even if no one chooses it it’ll likely make it through the winter anyway.

In fact, that seems to be the running joke with experienced gardeners: all succulent arrangements require a certain amount of neglect.

What’s more, house plants are the new interior design that adds a bit of color and LIFE to your interior design look.

And if this wasn’t enough to send you all the way to the nursery, there’s also the added benefits of certain plants helping to clear and filter the air in your home.

It’s kind of amazing how much bang for your buck you can get with a few strategically placed house plants.

Because they’re desert plants, they’re adept at naturally storing water reserves in chunky thick leaves and roots and other efficient means.

Lucky for you this perfect amount of neglect is perfect for your succulent decor ideas!

But I’ve got a special surprise treat for you at the bottom of this post as well. Because even the most well intentioned home succulent owner can get away with murder (of plants that can’t die) there are some options for “faux succulents” that seriously, will never perish. And can be swapped out with the changing seasons based on the looks you’re going for.

You’re welcome.

Here’s how to make the most of your well intended succulent-ing (that’s a phrase I just made up)

Find Cute Succulent Pot Sets

Before you head to Lowes or your local gardening shop, make sure you find some cute pot sets to display your succulents. This post from It’s Garden Thyme (I love the name of this blog) has some really cute ideas separated by decor.

DIY Succulent Projects

Once you’ve handled the interior of your house let’s head outside and welcome your guests, neighbors, and friends and family with a sweet DIY succulent wreaths. Here are a few ideas for how to welcome guests to your home in style:

DIY Succulent Spring Wreath

You can easily swap out a bunch of elements of this for a completely different look and feel for the different seasons.

DIY Moss Wreath Using Succulents

And another sweet design that can set the tone for your visitors. This one incorporates a rustic moss look too to add some extra green to your front door.

Adorable Mini Truck Succulent Display

One of my favorite things about succulents is that you can put them in pretty much anything. And this tutorial is no exception to that also it’s so fucking cute I an hardly stand it!!!

I want this so much for our entryway.

Decorate Your Brunch or Dinner Table with Succulents Arrangements

I love the look in this post from Elvamdesign that details even the cute “mama mules” for their brunch with some old friends. But the standout is the succulent designs on the table for centerpieces. This is SUCH an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate some elegance and green into your table-scape.

After Brunch is over, save the succulents on a window sill to the next one! Reuse-able and beautiful!

DIY Succulent Macrame Hanging Display

This is a simple way to hang some of your succulent pots and add color to a small space.

Check out the tutorial to create your own pot hanger.

Use Copper Pipes to Hang Your Succulents!

This DIY succulents arrangement is incredibly effective and also stunningly gorgeous. I love the look of copper pipes. They are rustic and clean and industrial and also weirdly modern at the same time.

Follow the tutorial here.

Use Vintage Tins to Display Your Cactus Succulents

Cactus succulents make excellent gifts and add an incredible pop of color to any space. Plus they’re one of the easiest succulents to care for (they legit require the most minimal of attention and as the name suggests, they survive on so little water).

Check out this adorable display to add to your farmhouse or rustic decor:

Use Up-cycled Containers to Display Your Succulents Indoors

I appreciate the simplicity of the display in this DIY idea using rope, modge podge, and any kind of container you have laying around (isn’t that the best kind. The free kind!? Or the kind you used for something else like the milk carton or a soup can?!)

Use Other Up-cycled Containers As Succulent Decor

This is another clever spin on using old containers to display your succulents. I love how inexpensive this is either using old containers you have at home or rummaging through a yard sale or local Goodwill for a hidden treasure.

DIY a Succulent Terrarium with a Theme!

This is a perfect display for an entryway, home office or even at work. It’s simple and you can customize the plants you choose as well as any other knick nacks inside of it:

Find Succulent Potting Inspiration from Your Favorite Stores

This is a beautiful DIY version of a much more expensive pot from West Elm and I’m loving the minimalistic detail. Gorgeous, functional, and definitely will brighten up space in your home.

Use Mason Jars to Make Succulent Decor

This is a really great idea for a gift or just to add to the color themes you have in your home.

Check out this how-to to paint your mason jars and also add in some succulent magic.

Here’s Another Way to Use a Mason Jar Succulent Display

Using some modge podge and a little paint you can have this sweet succulent decor arrangement for a windowsill, or maybe even on your home office desk. It’s also a thoughtful gift arrangement that doesn’ require too much “work” after the fact.

Make Wood Succulent Planters

These are adorable but IDK if you can find the exact geometric shaped box at your local craft store. For whatever shape you DO find there’s a handy paint tutorial to help you make it even more special.

Make Concrete Succulent Planters (Yes! You can do This!)

Listen. I read this post and I was all, YOU WANT ME TO MIX A BATCH OF CONCRETE!?

But her instructions are simple, straightforward, and make it seem totally doable (and budget-friendly!)

Plus this is definitely a one of a kind project that will provide talking points for many parties to come.

Oh and also they’re fucking gorgeous.

Check out the instructions here:

And Another Concrete Succulent Planter DIY

If you thought one concrete planter DIY was enough you thought wrong because I’ve got another design and some more helpful tips here from

Paint Succulent Planters with Themed Colors

This tutorial is specific to painting your planters in holiday-themed plaid colors (and it WORKS) but you could easily do this for the spring, fall, and anything in between to have a variety of different lewks.

And sure whatever they don’t actually have succulents in the demo but YOU GET IT, RIGHT!!??

Twisted Rope Cans for Back Yard Succulent Display

This is another clever way to upcycle old cans (I love the idea of using the extra-large tomato cans or beans for this one to give more space for the succulents).

Beautiful Shell Centerpiece Succulents

Consider using these for a dinner party or even as a wedding centerpiece. They’re gorgeous, functional, and you can give them to your guests to take home too as a little party favor. (Which can then keep their home looking gorgeous too!)

Make Pumpkin Succulent Arrangements

This is a fantastic idea that feels like fall but can add to the fall decor in your home, serve as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table, or just add to the look and cozy feel of the season.

Fake it Till You Make It – The Faux Succulent Decor Edition

It’s really easy to use succulents in your home decor but, still, there’s a chance that your hard work and beautifully picked succulents run the risk of dying. And that’s no fun for anyone.

Enter these ideas for the faux succulent decor that will never die.

One of the Easiest Faux Succulent Arrangements

This is a really simple and beautiful way to display faux succulents decor!


Add Some Succulent Decor to Your Dinner Table

This idea is so beautiful and simple and can replace the entire centerpiece look if you really want it to. This also uses fake succulents which I think is a really smart way to incorporate some green into your tablescape but also make it practical (and it’s cool if you store them in a cool, dry place too right?)

Sand Art and Faux Succulent Terrariums

Yet another adorable craft to display fake succulents that you can do with your kids or just on a lazy Saturday afternoon. They make really pretty centerpieces too and you can choose different colored sand for the season (I’m thinking Christmas colors for a fun Holiday DIY design).

Super Easy Succulent Wall Art That Won’t Die

Listen. if you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still worried about killing your succulents, this is one sure-fire way to prevent that from happening: In fact, I dare you to neglect this gorgeous installment of succulents — I mean decor. In fact it’s so simple to throw together it almost feels like cheating on a beautiful wall piece and also a gorgeous house plant.

Easy Home Decor Vase with Faux Succulents

Here’s another spin on the faux succulent decor aesthetic that is easy and inexpensive. Find a vase at the dollar store or your local craft store and boom!

Monogrammed Succulent Letter Box with Faux Succulents

This is a fantastic craft idea that’s actually easier than growing real succulents.

Faux Succulent Wreath

Like above, if you’re too nervous to really invest in the neglect that’s involved in growing succulents (and I get it – I know some people who kill anything they have the worst brown thumbs), here’s another wreath option that’s DIY and faux succulents that won’t die and still look as gorgeous as the real thing:

How are you displaying your succulents arrangements? Faux or nah? Comment below and let me know!

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