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31 Stupid Simple and Gorgeous Mason Jar DIY Decor Ideas

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Mason Jars are a blank canvas for DIY decor. And I argue, they’re the ULTIMATE dgaf (that stands for don’t give a fuck) tool to DIY with.

They’re affordable (especially when you can buy them in bulk at a dollar store, Amazon, Walmart or Target). They can be used as centerpieces, glued or hammered onto wood, turned into lights, used as party favors. There’s so many things you can do with these sturdy, cheap Mason Jar

Mason jars are a big fucking deal in our house.

They’re our drinking glasses, our flower vases, and our storage containers. I love how Mason jars tend to look great in any themed room from farmhouse, to rustic, to beachy and bohemian looks. Even classic modern looks can make use of a Mason jar.

If you’re looking for some easy DIY projects look no further than the below collection of Mason Jar DIY decor ideas.

1 Bathroom PotPourri DIY Mason Jars

This is a great way to add design and a pop of color to your bathroom but also keep it smelling fresh and clean. and let’s face it. If we’re in a bathroom the priority is gong to be that whole so fresh, so clean thing. Do that by creating some simple nice smelling decor with mason jars.

2 Organize Your Bathroom with Mason Jars

This complete set of mason jar decor/organization is genius and only takes a bit of paint, sandpaper, and a sealant to create. (Oh, and a few different sizes of mason jars.) And when it comes to organizing a bathroom I want the process to be as easy as it is gorgeous and thankfully this tutorial simplifies that so that I can get to tidying.

3 DIY Mason Jar Map/Bank

The first time I saw the idea for this I couldn’t help myself. I spoke outloud to my dog sleeping on the floor by my desk “shut up about it!” This is such a clever mason jar gift to DIY. I love the idea of using this as a piggie bank for kids to inspire travel too. Or just to store pens on your desk or even as a flower vase!



About it.

And here’s another way to make that Map even more illuminated:

4 A DIY Mason Jar Map Lantern

And continuing the map theme, in this example the map is actually on the inside of the mason jar (rather than the outside). I think this could be an excellent night light in a future traveler’s room. Or even to use for camping and telling ghost stories at the end of the night! (Travel ghost stories only though).

5 Make a DIY Number Plaque with Mason Jars

There’s something about creating a one of a kind welcome piece to invite people to your home. I love this clever idea. And you can switch out the colors of the flowers for the season and really make it unique and customized in that way:

6 Animal Lid DIY Mason Jars

I LOVE how simple and elegant these mason jars are for decor, storing things for a kids room or homework station, or even treats in the kitchen (as she suggests with the chocolates!)

There’s something very simple too about creating something gorgeous out of little plastic animal toys (You could also sub in almost any plastic toy – dinosaurs come to mind in my dinosaur loving house).

7 Create Etched Glass on your Mason Jar Decor

I’m obsessed with how these mason jars turned out. If you have the ones that don’t have “Ball” written all over them (so you could easily use old candle holders too if you wanna) this is the simple mason jar craft for you!

I can see these being used in a bathroom to really elevate the decor.

8 Mason Jar DIY Center Piece Ideas

The following ideas can be used as a centerpiece, as a decor staple in your house, or any combination of the two! The endless possibilities with mason jars can really open up your creative side and your style profile in your house (seriously!)

9 Patriotic Flag Mason Jars

Every year my family hosts the “friend” BBQ gathering for the fourth of July and next year this design idea for mason jars is going to make a prominent feature center stage.

The Crafter, in this case, uses hurricane jars (which is a really great idea for little luminary tea lights) but you could so easily substitute mason jars in this of nearly any size! I think it would work best with a jar that doesn’t have writing on it although it may be fine! Or maybe even use an old candle holder (I think the Yankee candle holders would be ideal for a project like this!)

Speaking of BBQ’s….

10 Make Condiment Holders

OMG this is the cutest idea and it’s so freaking simple it blows my mind. Little bandanas for the mason jars!? Are you effing kidding me!!??

Let’s continue our journey through the seasons and head into fall where we can collect…

And while we’re on a patriotic theme here…

11 Make Hero Mason Jars

Perfect for celebrating Memorial Day, July 4th, or even Labor day incorporating some awesome hero themed pictures or old news paper clippings can be a great way to preserve the patriotic feeling of these jars.

12 Fall Leaf Decor in a Mason Jar

Ugh, this is such a sweet and simple design idea to really make your home feel like the seasons are changing and it’s time to break out the pumpkin spiced latte.

A little glue, some plastic leaves (or you could theoretically collect some from outside your house if you live where leaves this pretty fall naturally), and voila, some fall decor that’s gorgeous and handmade!

13 Mason Jar Photo Frames

These are so great for centerpieces at a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, or for just a unique picture display in your home or mantle.

14 Sheet Music Mason Jar Centerpiece

This is another delightful idea for a wedding or anniversary party. Or even for a music themed gathering. And so easy using modge podge.

15 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

The following are some clever uses for Mason Jars that you can turn into sweet and thoughtful gifts.

16 Make Mason Jar Snowmen

You can use these cute little snowmen as centerpieces or as little holiday party souvenirs or some combination of the two!

17 Make Banana Bread Mason Jar Gifts

This is a really clever (and unusual) way to use mason jars and give a little gift of delicious banana bread to neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

Baking banana bread in a mason jar is a fun and unique way to deliver a thoughtful homemade gift. Although I’ll be honest, when I look at this I wonder about the logistics of eating it. Do you eat it with a spoon? Turn it over and dump it out?

Feels like spoon is the way to go (and then when you get in there, add a little ice cream to make it super indulgent!

18 Bake Key Lime Pie in a Mason Jar

This is incredibly simple, and so delicious. Key Lime pie is beautifully tart and sweet at the same time. (If you’ve never had it this is a really fun way to introduce you to it and keep it sweet and playful!)

I love the idea of giving these as gifts for a new home owner (you could do a cute spin on “key lime pie” and “keys to the house” or something like that…)

19 Repurpose Mason Jars to Extend the LIfe of your Berries

There are a few clever ideas in this post but the one that stands out as a game changer for that mason jar life is that you can use them to store berries and keep them fresher longer in your fridge!

Granted you could use nearly any jar for this as well, but it’s a genius way of keeping those berries fresher longer, and makes it possible to find them easily in your refrigerator.

(unless you’re like me and just leave them in the colander to spill when you’re grabbing the milk or something).

20 Painting Mason Jars for So Many Decor Options

There’s an incredible amount of versatility available when you decide to paint your mason jars. You can use them in bathroom or kitchen decor, to store things, or as a simple centerpiece or vase.

Here’s a super helpful guide for painting mason jars:

And speaking of painting, let’s get our shimmery on with these gorgeous Pink Glitter mason jars:

21 Hawaiian Beach Glass DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

The author of this post creates this look with old jars from her kitchen, but you could seriously replace it with mason jars too. (and make them look amazing!).

I love how this can be a perfect addition to a beach house styled kitchen or dining room, or to add to a themed backyard party for added light and mood.

22 Mason Jar Activities for Your Kids

The following examples are for activities you can create for your kids to use mason jars. What’s nice about these ideas is that they’re simple, affordable, and can give you an incredible amount of time for your kids to explore their imagination play, and really get involved in helping create something unique and different.

23 Make-Your-Own Robot in a Jar!

In my house we’re big on imaginative play and this idea is so great for all the spare random metal things that we somehow find in weird places.

My kids are old enough now that they could play with little knick nacks like these (without me being afraid that they’re going to try to eat them!).

Check out the recipe for silver play dough too!.

24 Science Projects in a Mason Jar

Make an ant farm, a worm farm, create a constellation jar, and more with these really easy and fun ideas for your kids to explore their scientific minds.

25 Make a Money Mason Jar

This is a really fun and simple idea for kids to store their hard earned allowance cash, or for helping do extra chores around the house.

Even great for you to keep spare change or loose coins. And it’s got that added flair of a little extra bling bling!

26 Mason Jar Night Lights

This is a really clever idea for littles who are afraid of the dark or just want a little extra light illuminating their rooms at night.

Check out how to do them here:






DIY Mason jar night light
DIY Mason jar night light



And here’s another clever…

27 Mason Jar Night Light Using ModgePodge

The fact that scouring the internet can produce two different mason jar night light ideas and tutorials is a testament to how versatile the mason jar can really be. Check out this sweet little spin on a night light that can be a fun craft for your kids too:

28 Make Mason Jar Super Hero Banks!

And yet another clever and unique way to get your kids involved in a sweet craft that has staying power and adds to decor in a superhero themed bedroom (or play area)

29 Make a Mason Jar Tooth Brush Holder

This is great for a child’s bathroom or for a rustic styled hall bathroom or even master bathroom.

I love how simple this is to do and yet how beautiful it is to make.

Jazz up the tooth brush holder with…

30 His and Her Mason Jar Tooth Brush Holders

These are so sweet for a master bathroom. And so simple to make. You could also substitute out the labels for chalk labels and re-write with chalk pen what’s inside!

31 Use the Mason Jar Lids for Coasters!

Sometimes I stumble upon a DIY idea that is so genius and clever that I cannot even imagine what created the idea (and also why I’ve never seen it before).

Enter mason jar lid coasters! What I love about this, particularly, is how practical they are and really add to a rustic or farmhouse feel in a space or table scape.

What are your favorite projects to make with mason jars? Comment below (or let me know if you’ve tried any of these and how well they worked out!!)

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