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Easy No-DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Space With These Simple Home Decoration Ideas

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Sometimes I just want my house to look fucking awesome. Without having to spend a lot of time painting, or searching for the perfect piece, or finding a guy at Lowes to cut my wood, or clearing off a table so that I can hot glue some shit together.

Sometimes I want to create something luxurious and have it just be beautiful without all the work that can come with DIY.

Granted, DIY projects can be a lot of fun (and joy of saying “I made that” is certainly worth it in some cases) but sometimes as a busy, working, family people we just want to do something simple and easy (and cheap) that can completely transform a space and a room without much work or effort.

I’ve collected some super simple – no-DIY projects to upgrade your space instantly. You may need to spend a bit more money on some of these projects than you may otherwise want to(but you’re saving yourself time!) but the quick turnaround of the look and feel of your space will make it all worth it.

Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Add an extra duvet cover to your bed (you can get a super cheap one at Walmart or Target (even Khols). Styling your bed in this way makes it feel super cozy and comfy and also gives a big pop of color to your bedroom or guest room.

Use these tips to help make your bed (or your guest room’s bed) super cozy and comfy:

Here are some other helpful tips for making your bedroom and/or guest bedroom look stylish and inviting:

Here are some more fool-proof ways to style a bed. do yourself a favor and do this, and then just remember you have something downstairs and then come back upstairs (or down the hallway, Idgaf how your home is laid out) and then walk back into your room and be overcome with the joy that slaps you in the fucking face.

Double Up on the Shower Curtains in Your Bathroom for Extra Luxury

Having two shower curtains is better than one. Period. And this certainly upgrades the value of a guest bathroom (or your bathroom) and gives it an extra “something” that just oozes luxury and comfort.

If you’re gonna have to drag yourself out of your bed every morning to take a shower, make it be something that you ENJOY at least. And have it look a little something like this.

Consider making one of the shower curtains a different color to add a little pop of something.

Get Thrifty and Find Unique Items to Upgrade Your Space at a Thrift Store

Use these clever shopping tips to help guide you through the aisles of a thrift store to find items you can use to upgrade your space (without having to paint, or change anything!)

Thrift store hunting can be exciting and fun and can give you that burst of energy that comes from finding THE PIECE you need.

Don’t worry, if your first attempt turns up empty handed head back a week or two later to see what the store has new in stock.

Thrift stores are benefiting from an influx in quality pieces and items due in part to the Mari Kondo craze of purging that which does not spark joy! Let someone else’s trash become your treasure with some of these tips:

Learn What to Buy at HomeGoods

If you’re on a budget and you’re ready to upgrade your space, Homegoods should be the second place on your list. Home Goods, much like a thrift store, has a stock of unique and high-quality items, often items that are thousands of dollars at a regular store.

They may have some small nicks or imperfections but at the price offered you can create a beautiful change in your home at a bottom ticket price.

I Love the tips from Passionate Penny Pincher on how to maximize your time and your budget at Homegoods (spoiler alert, do not walk in there without a budget! Or a Shopping list!)

Use Contact Paper to Update Counters, Table Tops, and Bathroom Sinks

This tip does require a LITTLE BIT of DIY in that you’ll need to cut and position the contact paper to fit the space you’re covering but as far as DIY projects go this is pretty fucking easy.

Contact paper is such an awesome tool to use to upgrade a coffee table, an ugly old countertop, or even a desk!

Some contact paper is removable which makes the choices and options of changing things around endless.

Upgrade Your Throw Pillows With Cheap and High-Quality Pillow Covers

I’m not a huge fan of Hobby Lobby in general due to their often backward and old fashioned views on women (and as an agnostic Jew I prefer my shopping with lower prices and less Jesus) but I honestly won’t let that stop me from getting a HELLUVA deal on throw pillow covers to completely transform a space.

This entire wall is throw pillows at my Hobby Lobby and they came in sizes of 20 X 20, 18 x 18, 20 x 12 and a few other various smaller sizes. The cheapest ones were rolling in at about $5 while the most expensive (and from what I could tell high quality) throw pillow covers were a whopping $18 a piece.

You can completely change out your pillow and as a result the look of your entire living room or bedroom for less than $20 on the cheap end and less than $100 on the higher end.

Level Up Your Area Rug Game

A rug really does bring a room together and it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to rug design.

It’s hard to pass on the sales at Rugs USA, Wayfair, and Overstock to level up your rug game. Often you can find something that’s super high quality (like this one TK) that completely transforms a space and also feels amazing on your little feetsies.

Here’s a helpful guide for how to pick a rug for your room and for the layout that you’d prefer.

When it comes to choosing a rug for your bedroom take a look at this post for additional tips to sort through what might be the best style and layout.

Change Out Your Doorknobs and Other Fixtures

If you have brass doorknobs, consider replacing them with plated nickel or chrome (or the other way around).

If you have the energy you can spray paint old doorknobs and fixtures as well (with the below tutorial) for a completely transformed look. It’s the little details that can make a big impact to how a space looks.

Switch out the knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinets.

Use this guide to help you find the perfect fixture for your handlebars.

(Again. Back at Hobby Lobby…) But they definitely have some beautiful pulls.

Because you can always change the hardware, I’m also sharing this very helpful piece that includes all the tips for how to choose the right hardware for the piece you’re looking to upgrade:

Upgrade Your Backsplash With Stickers!

This is such a crazy easy upgrade that’s especially do-able for apartment living or rentals where you don’t get a lot of control to do anything really fun.

With peel and stick tile, all you need is a pair of scissors or a box cutter/Exacto knife. Measure. Peel. Stick. Upgrade complete.

Here is another peel and stick tutorial for a kitchen backsplash but could also be done in the bathroom:

If you want to get crafty for reals though ( I know. I promised no DIY on this post, but this is super easy I swearrrr!) Check out this post on some DIY tiles and where to buy them.

You can easily upgrade a bathroom floor or laundry room floor with some tiles that you just cut, peel, and stick on. (Woah.)

Clean Out the Clutter

No matter how beautiful your space is, if every surface is covered with papers, knick-knacks, and schoolwork, lunch boxes and makeup, it’s gonna look sort of sad and drab.

Make the time to channel your inner Mari Kondo and throw shit out and find a place for everything you keep.

Focus on high traffic areas at first like bathrooms, and kitchens to inspire you to feel motivated. Clean out drawers and place large appliances like that mixer you use once or twice during the holidays in a drawer or a cabinet.

Take the time to sweep up any dog hair, or vacuum your floors and watch how your house transforms kind of overnight.

If paper clutter is your vice check out this video from the Minimal Mom about how to master and own your paper finally for good.

Add Fresh Cut Flowers

If you’re not already buying and shopping for fresh flowers (or cutting them from your garden) now’s the time. You can get super pretty flowers on the cheap too at your grocery store (usually for under $10.

There’s something magical that happens when fresh cut flowers are laid out in a room. I have them every week on my desk and it helps brighten my space and make me feel calmer and connected to nature (weird right!)

Adding fresh cut flowers is a fast and beautiful way to upgrade your space on a tight budget.

It adds a splash of color to any room (that you can change out every week if you want!) and depending on the flower you choose can make your entire house smell amazing.

Hang Up Some Curtains

Look. If you want to upgrade on a budget all you need, honestly, is a cheap curtain rod (that looks more expensive) hung near the ceiling (not by the window) and long curtains.

You can buy curtains at IKEA or Bed Bath and Beyond (seriously like a $10 white curtain can transform a room).

Hot tip! If you double up the curtains it can add an entirely luxurious touch to an otherwise boring situation.

Also. Don’t just buy the curtains and throw them up (ever been to someone’s house and seen the folds in the curtain from how it was packaged?) it’s not a good look.

Instead take the time to wash, dry, and iron your curtains. It makes all the difference in the world, is easy to do, requires absolutely no DIY and can upgrade your space in minutes.

Know What to Invest In When It Comes to Home Decor

If you’re ready to invest in some key pieces to upgrade your decor, start with a couch or bedframe/bed.

These are two areas that you don’t want to skimp on your budget. I know it’s tempting to find a couch at IKEA or HomeGoods even (and there are some high-quality couches there but it’s rare to find one that’s going to have staying power).

Save your money, invest in a high-quality couch from a furniture store that specializes in couches and furniture. If you’re gonna spend any money anywhere let it be here. You spend so much time sitting and relaxing let it be the one place in your home that is luxurious and expensive and comfortable!

Not all couches are created equal!

Literally, almost everything else in your home can be inexpensive and fixed up with some paint and/or a few additional touches but when it comes to your couch, let it be the one thing that you invest in.

We recently bought a really nice couch and our lives have been forever changed. Gone are the days of spending $500 on a couch that starts to sag after a few months and that my kids completely destroyed by jumping on it.

We’re two months into this couch and it still feels just like it did the first day. It’s also become a favorite place for my kids and me to take a nap!

The same is true for a quality bed frame and bed. You spend half your life in your bed, so when it comes to investing in a quality piece let it be something that is comfortable, well made.

There are more and more affordable options for bed mattresses these days but be sure to read reviews and get something that can really last a long time.

Spend a Little or A Lot (Or Not At All)

Some of the above ideas can be done on literally no budget or an extremely low budget.

If you’re ready to invest in your space to upgrade it, do it. If you just want a simple refresh, do it.

If you’re choosing inexpensive items (like throw pillows or curtains) this is something you can change out every season if you want to refresh your space all over again.

The choices are endless and that’s kind of the beauty of home decor.

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