29 DIY Dollar Store Frame Ideas Even a Beginner DIY’er Can Do

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Dollar store DIY projects are perfect for the beginner DIY’er. And seeing as how I am the ultimate DIY beginner (seriously, before starting this blog I had no idea what I was doing) this has been a really fun rabbit hole to take a ride down.

Being able to create something beautiful from something that costs, well, a dollar, is kind of game changer in the home decor game.

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But when you’re a newbie DIY’er or someone a bit hesitant to spend an afternoon crafting (especially when they’ve never done it before), making something beautiful out of something cheap and ugly (let’s face it) can sometimes feel sort of overwhelming.

Enter one of the easiest projects for DIY beginners there is: DIY picture frames ideas!

These Are Easy Dollar Store Picture Frames to DIY

And I speak from experience as someone who has tried several of these projects.

The best part is there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you can do with these dollar tree frames.

Much of it involves some paint and a hot glue gun (and I think all of us can operate that shit at the bare minimum) and summoning the most amount of patience and fortitude you can muster because you are creating something awesome.

Also, there’s a lot of room for error here since you’re using inexpensive frames (usually about $1 per frame) or in some cases, it might be 3/4$ with inflation at your local dollar store if you fuck it up its not like you’ve wasted a ton of money.

If anything, it’s just the time that you spent messing it up, #amiright?

If you want to spend a bit more money, you can always experiment with these picture frames in bulk from Amazon:

But don’t be discouraged by this. DIY involves a bit of a learning curve. And with practice and intention you’ll soon be whipping projects together in no time.

If you’re a more experienced DIY’er and have a handful of projects (or more) under your belt then this whole shebang should be easy peasy for you.

And through failing, that’s how we learn to be better DIY’ers. Or at least, better than the beginner.

Because there are so many ideas for what you can do with those cute picture frames, I thought I’d do you a solid and pull together some of the most clever, and easiest DIY picture frame ideas you can do in a few hours on a weekend or evening during the summer when the kids are over at a friend’s house or staying up late to watch a movie.

These are the kind of DIY frame ideas that the most entry-level DIY’er can do (I promise!)

Let’s do this thing, shall we?

General Supplies You’ll Need for your DIY Project:

Dollar Store Picture Frames (or cheap picture frames from somewhere like Walmart)

hot Glue Gun

Loads of glue sticks

E600 Glue

Exacto knife/scissors

Modge Podge

Burlap Rope (sometimes)

Paint/spraypaint in a variety of colors suited to your decor

Paint brushes/sponges in a variety of sizes (or fuck it use a napkin or paper towel for some of these)

A workspace (and newspaper/scrap paper to cover the floor)

(many of the projects may require additional supplies, take note before shopping).

DIY Picture Frame Lanterns

This is such a clever and cute spin on the lantern craze from Picture frames.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous consider adding the lids made of cut wood (totally optional but they do add something really nice to the finishing touches).

Painted Picture Frame Lanterns

These are really pretty and would make for a great addition to your patio or backyard as summer approaches. You could even use them as part of your indoor decor if you use LED candles.

You will need:

3 small picture frames (4×6)

1 large picture frame (8×10)

Hot glue and glue sticks

Paint in the colors of your choice (I used white, teal, and gold)

Paper towels or a sponge

A LED candle (optional)

First things first, you want to give all of your frames a good coat of paint. I like to use two coats just to make sure that everything is covered.

While the paint is drying you can start working on the “lantern” part of the project.

To do this, take your large frame and remove the glass. Set it aside (you won’t need it for this project).

Next, you want to cut off the tops of the three small frames. You can do this with an exacto knife or a pair of scissors.

Once you have removed the tops of the frames, hot glue the three frames together at the base. Make sure that they are level with each other before the glue dries.

Now, take your large frame and hot glue it to the top of the three small frames. Again, make sure that it is level before the glue dries.

Now all you have to do is add your LED candle (or candles) of choice and voila! You have a beautiful lantern that cost you less than $10 to make.

These are great for summertime barbecues or just to use as decoration in your home.

This DIY picture frame candle box from picture frames from the dollar store is another great option.

I love how this can be made to be more modern or more of a chic style totally depending on the type of frame you can find at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar store (Or 99 cent store!).

And it makes a great gift!

And yet another spin on this with an adorable holder for the lid made out of a belt loop!

And here’s a five-sided lantern that also has a certain unique look to it that really makes it special.

This farmhouse DIY lantern is also made from four picture frames from the Dollar Tree

I love this look of turning the lantern into art/display pieces (as in the cactus art featured in this video)

DIY Picture Frame Desk Organization

Desk organization is often an area that can be overlooked. Either because of a lack of thinking about what to make it pretty and organized, or just because you’re too busy doing the work. These ideas are awesome to give you a professional aesthetic and also clean up your desk to be more efficient.

I love this idea from finding delight to create a space for organization that’s also super cute.

The below charging station idea does require the use of a hand saw (which always makes me nervous) but you could have the guys at Home Depot or Lowes cut it for you mitigating that issue.

it’s another great and clever DIY picture frame idea that’s also super practical and can even be a dresser tray!

The chic and classic look of the fabric in this desk organizer is giving me all the eye boners (and I am really wanting to make this one to hold my crafting supplies too!)

DIY Photo Frame for Pictures?

May as well use these inexpensive picture frames for their intended purpose, but with a little upgrade.

After scrolling through all these ideas I can’t help but feel like this is a fun excuse to just really order all the school pictures (or re-order some old wedding pictures too!)

I love the look of this adorable gallery wall on a budget:

This lantern display is a cute way to use picture frames as they are:

I love this idea for floating picture frames for a gallery wall as well:

I love this farmhouse DIY idea for picture frames from the dollar tree from KBCreations. full disclosure this is a bit more advanced than my typical DIY capability (she’s using some specific things that I hadn’t used before) but don’t let that stop you!


And here’s another spin on the floating wall art idea. So fucking gorgeous if I do say so myself!

From the Dollar Tree’s website is this cute idea to add pennies to make your DIY picture frame:

DIY Picture Frame Tray Ideas

I love the versatility of these picture frame decor ideas because it’s something you can also change with the seasons if you want (or just make a fuck ton of them at the jump and switch ’em out as the season’s change)

This super cute DIY Serving Tray is another one that requires very little actual DIY and a whole lot more in being able to pick the perfect patterned place mat and picture frame.

This DIY picture frame tray has a unique rustic look that’s perfect for setting drinks on an ottoman or couch or even for lounging by the pool.

This is a super sweet picture frame dessert tray idea that would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday party:

DIY Picture Frame Succulent Holders

Succulents are kind of the perfect plant for the DGAF’er. They add a pop of green to your space, they’re super low maintenance (Like you don’t even have to water them THAT MUCH if ever) and they’re affordable.

There are a ton of clever succulent display ideas that can totally jazz up your space.

It’s true! Here are some of my favorites so far:

Picture Frame Succulent Garden

While we’re on the topic of plants, this cute little terrarium is adorable, functional and beautiful (and pretty easy!)

Here’s another awesome Terrarium out of picture frames (and I love the tutorial of this)

DIY Picture Frame Mirror Ideas

There are a lot of ways to dress up the picture frames from the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store that make it look super expensive (when really they aren’t at all!)

Mirrors, picture frames, paint, and hot glue guns are your best friends for most of these ideas:

Cute Monogrammed Mirror

I love the Pottery Barn inspired Mirror idea in this YouTube video from Do It on a Dime

DIY Picture Frame Decor Ideas

Turning these Dollar Tree picture frames into a cute farmhouse decor conversation starter is genius AF.

Check out this adorable DIY framed wall art idea too!

An oldie but goodie this DIY picture frame Chalkboard could be made out of dollar store picture frames (Or glue the frames together if you found some smaller ones!)

Love the idea of turning these picture frames into the actual art.

DIY Picture Frame Bling Ideas

I’m not normally huge on the idea of blingy stuff but when you’re storing jewelry or watches, this DIY Picture frame idea is GENIUS.

Using a Dollar Store Picture frame, some color coordinated felt, push pins, and boom: display your jewelry or earrings on a dresser or bathroom in a way that makes them part of the decor.

What are some of your favorite DIY picture frame ideas with dollar store picture frames? Let me know in the comments below. Oh and if you liked this can you pin it please? Thanks!

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