DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects that Look Like Joanna Gaines Decorated Your Home!

DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects
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Farmhouse style is taking over home decor sites and Pinterest boards and this rise in popularity probably has a lot to do with shows like Fixer Upper who make the Farmhouse Style look exquisite.

What I love about Farmhouse home decor is the strong connection to family, home, and simplicity. It’s like Shabby Chic 2.0 and the weathered look makes it so simple to get the look yourself, without needing help from our dear friend Joanna.

DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects

These super simple DIY home projects will not only give you the Farmhouse blueprint to style but will inspire you to grab your paintbrush and sandpaper and start weathering your old, outdated furniture pieces and giving them new life.

15 DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects

Check out these whimsical farmhouse accessories to add tons of personality and southern charm to any of your farmhouse rooms!

Though these DIY projects are super simple, you will need some basic supplies for most of them. Here’s a simple list to get you started:

These DIY farmhouse projects look amazing and are so easy to do!

1. Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

Source – My Heavenly Recipes 

2. Three-Tiered Stand

Source – Making Manzanita

3. USA String Art Sign

Source – Leap of Faith Crafting

4. Welcome Sign

Source – Simply Made by Stacey

5. Magnolia Wreath

Source – Small Stuff Counts

6. Old Window Art Frame

Source – Chic N Savvy Reviews

These farmhouse DIY projects will make your home look amazing and they are super easy to do!

7. Wooden Letter Sign

Source – The Frugal Navy Wife

8. Farmhouse Laundry Sign

Source – Leap of Faith Crafting

9. Whitewashed Plank Wall

Source – Pinspired to DIY

10. Farmhouse Personalized Clock

Source – Pinspired to DIY

11. Faux Shiplap Wall

Source – Making Manzanita

12. Coffee Cubby Window Sign

Source – My Wee Abode

Not only will these DIY farmhouse decor projects make your home look amazing, they are super easy to do!

13. Family Recipe Wall Art

Source – Craftivity Designs

14. Family Reverse Canvas

Source – GYCT Designs

15. Farmhouse Painted Vase

Source – Cmon Get Crafty

16. Wooden Farm Sign

Source – Making Manzanita

17. Pallet Laundry Shelf

Source – Eat Cook Go

18. Wood Stump Table

Source – Craftify My Love