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Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space

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Decorating your home can be expensive. Becoming a crafty DIY’er can also be, weirdly expensive. Especially if you’ve never done it before and haven’t spent more than a few trips in Michael’s. DIY home decor doesn’t have to be hard and often DIY home decor projects can be an inexpensive way to repurpose old items that have lost their luster. The following DIY home decor ideas can be done quickly, without a lot of prep or fuss and are total conversation starters because, let’s face it, you made this.

Here are some cheap, easy, and completely DIY home decor projects you can make while the kids are napping, on a little downtime on the weekend, or even during the week!

What You Need to Make DIY Home Decor Projects

Not gonna lie, but you’re gonna have to get a few basic supplies to make the most of your DIY home decor ideas.

Here’s a short list of what you need to finish these projects:

Wood glue

Mod Podge

Sandpaper or sander

Tape Measurer and ruler

DIY Wall Mounted Easel from Arin Solange at Home

This is both beautiful and totally functional if you have young kids. Let them go to TOWN with the markers and crayons and chalk and even paint if you’re brave. I barely know my way around a hardware store but this is a project that is completely doable (and so cheap!)

IKEA Rast drawer makeover with Masculine Design

This is a bit more work than a regular old DIY project, but it’s got so much cuteness it’s impossible to not want to try it.

Turning the RAST drawer into something beautiful is easy to do since it’s basically a blank canvass (and who doesn’t love THAT when figuring out DIY decor ideas).

You can paint them, of course, or layer wallpaper on them. This idea from Thrifty and Chic is so perfect though to turn it into a beautiful little night stand with apothecary pulls:

Here’s another one that’s a bit more simple and fucking gorgeous:

This is such a clever idea for the same Rast dresser with adding fabric and modge podge to the backing so you can create a beautiful shelf. I kind of need this in my life. To be honest.

Make Wool Coasters Out of Old Sweaters

This is one of those crafts that I feel good about doing because it repurposes things that I didn’t think I’d find a way of using (other than donating them to the local Goodwill).

This works great for anything made of wool – shrunken cardigans, old sweaters that don’t fit anymore. I even have a dog sweater (yes don’t judge me) that has a pretty argyle pattern that I love to use for Holiday Coasters.

To make the coasters: Wash the Wool in hot water, and dry with something like Jeans (which is an agitator and naturally helps shrink the wool). Do this two more times or until the sweater feels like felt and is very taut.

Using a pencil, trace a large glass onto the fabric and then cut.

Boom. Coasters. Done. You’re a fucking craft goddess.

A Rope Box for Bathroom Storage

This piece only requires some Jute Rope, a glue gun, a hot mess of glue sticks, and the patience of someone who has no toddlers screaming at them about needing snacks (I.e. try to do this one when the kids are napping or when you have a free hour or so to layer the rope).

Mason Jars and Pantry Labels Make This an Adorable and Easy Rustic DIY Idea

I love how simple this is and how inexpensive it is with the purchase of the super functional mason jars:

Add Marble Contact Paper to Upgrade an Old Lamp to Make it Look So Fancy

I love this idea to add marble contact paper to an old lamp to completely transform the look and make it look really expensive.

There’s something about the look and feel of marble that makes a room appear way more elegant. You can get that look at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the how-to here and where to buy marble contact paper as well!:

Speaking of Lamp Shades, Change Yours Into Something Super Colorful for a Pop Of Color

This is a clever and original idea to really add a pop of color to your decor and DIY something beautiful out of something old and something that you haven’t had a reason to enjoy in a while.

check out the tutorial here.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning Vents to Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

This is admittedly not THAT easy of a project to do but if you’ve got the time and the energy to do things like caulk a custom made grate to your wall then do it because this legit transforms a space (and omg I want this look so bad for our entryway!)

Lucky you though that grating designs are on the rise and you can find a number of designs that are so much more appealing than the standard slatted look everywhere form Lowes to Amazon.

DIY a Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are amazing because they add a bit of brightness to a space and can be large, small, or everything in between. This tutorial can help you make a sunburst mirror to fit the wall space of your choosing. And also it’s ridiculously simple to do once you go through the steps!

Use Wall Paper to Make Over Your Desk/Home Office

Sometimes a plain wood desk can kind of look drab and sort of boring. This tutorial will help you makeover that desk and add some color and some personality to your work space. It’s also temporary – so when you feel like the space needs an upgrade, get thee to new wallpaper designs stat!

Add Film Granite to Your Kitchen Counters

Upgrading a kitchen is a sure-fire way to improve your home decor but it can be so expensive (upwards of 10 – 30K depending on how much you want to renovate), where you live, the supplies you choose, and your appliances).

While you’re saving money for the big renovation, spend a little time upgrading your counter tops with granite film paper (which is different than contact paper). It will help you visualize exactly what your future kitchen will be. OR if you just want to save a couple grand it’s a great way of improving the space on a tight DIY budget.

Check out this tutorial. Be cautious about applying granite paper near wallpaper though (as the author had a big oopsy!)

Speaking of Kitchen Upgrades, Paint Your Cabinets for a Pop of DIY Decor

I love color. I love pops of color. I love painting entire accent walls a bright bold color. And this tutorial to paint your kitchen cabinets a bold color is an awesome way to upgrade your Kitchen on DIY budget. The blue is gorgeous and while it can be a bit labor intensive, the end result is worth the effort. Also there’s a super helpful lesson on curing paint in this post as well!

Transform Laminate Kitchen Counters into Gorgeous Stone (Without Removing them!)

Since we’re in the kitchen let’s talk about those old laminate kitchen counters that make yours look so dated. Check out this tutorial in how to incorporate stone by refinishing them your own! This is admittedly a time consuming project (and especially if you don’t have an electronic sander) but if you’re looking to incorporate a nice stone finish on a laminate budget this is the DIY decor tip for you.

And while we’re still in the kitchen…

Refinish That Old Hand-Me-Down Dining Table

The idea of refinishing furniture as a “simple DIY” is maybe a bit much. I get it.

DIY Stencil That Old Armoire!

You can spend a ridiculous amount of money on a stenciled dresser at Anthropologie, or you can use this technique that is so stupid simple it’s crazy. Check out the blog post here – and a bit more about the tutorial here:

speaking of stencils…

Stencil Some throw Pillows to DIY Your Living Room

Shockingly, stenciling an hombre design such as this one from Habiba as well, is super simple and gives you a unique pop of color to any sitting area or bed.

Learn How to Paint Without Using Painters Tape!

I love adding a fresh coat of paint to just about anything to clean up a room, a piece of old furniture, or just redo a wall space after so many holes have been put in for pictures. But, I fucking hate painters tape.

Lucky for me (and you) this tutorial to just dig in without all the tape exists.

DIY Your Door Knobs (and Get Rid Of Contractor Brass Handles) Without Buying All New Ones

True story, when we moved into our house every single door knob was different. Some were brass. Some were brushed nickel. Others were gold and yet even still others were the black rustic kind. I was pregnant at the time and wanted them all to look the same and quickly so I simply bought new fixtures and hired a handyman to install them because that was my DGAF way of getting it out of my site.

But now, now that I know how simple it would have been to paint and replace them I feel all kinds of regrets about the money I spent on all new fixtures.

Check out the how to here:

Re-Paint That Dated TV Stand A Brighter Color

If you don’t have a convenient place to hang your TV, then you know that TV stands can be a necessary component in any home. Old TV stands are often dark and heavy looking (to accomodate older, heavier TVS!). Chalk paint is a low maintenance way to update nearly anything without the extra step of having to sand, prime or really do anything to your furniture.

You can read more about Chalk paint (and it’s other lovely cousin, Milk Paint) Here.

Easy DIY Painted Rug

This is a super easy DIY decor project that you can do in a short amount of time that will leave a lasting impression. Some painters tape, some paint, and a low pile rug and you’re set. Check out the tutorial here:

Update Your Shelves with a Fun Pom Pom Trim

This is a super clever and unique idea to add something whimsical and fun to your decor. This is a great idea for a home office or a child’s bedroom. or even for your Boho Chic styled living room! I love the fringe and the pom poms for the details in this adorable upgrade.

Update an Old Heavy Bookcase

So often we inherit old bookcases that feel like heirlooms and are practical and have really good weight to them (vs. more modern book cases that are made of particle board).

I love this idea to repaint and update an old heavy book case and make it much more lively.

It’s a bit labor intensive in the patience department (in time waiting between staining and painting, etc) but it’s worth it for these results in the end.

Add Some Low Maintenance House Plants

Adding houseplants to your decor is an inexpensive and lasting way to improve the space both aesthetically and also provides health benefits (like helping to filter the air in your home!) succulents such as these air plants are a super low maintenance way to upgrade your home. Check out the recommendations in this post.

Clear the TV Wire Clutter

There is almost nothing more annoying than a cluttered stack of wires all tangled and a mess. This is a clever idea to hide the wires (using a shower rod! Genius!)

If you’re handy with a saw (good for you) this is a wonderful tutorial that helps you hide the wires IN THE WALL!

If you’re not handy with a saw (or the idea of cutting into a wall is freaking you out ) the below video shows you yet another, different way of hiding those wires by using a giant cover.

And yet another way to hide those wires (but does require cutting through drywall). Can you tell I’ve been on a mission to figure out the fastest and most gorgeous way of DIY’ing some TV wires?

Make a DIY Blanket Ladder to Cozy Up your Living room

This is legit one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve found that instantly changes the look and feel of a space.

I love that the designer encourages you to go ahead and have the guys at the hardware store cut the wood for you (which is what I do as well) because who has time to saw shit these days?

Upgrade Your Backsplash on a Budget with Peel and Stick Subway Tiles

Subway tile backsplashes are gorgeous, simple, and make any space look modern and classic at the same time. But it can’t always be possible to totally rip out and re-tile your backsplash. Enter the peel and stick subway tile backsplashes! Check out how to from Our Crafty Mom here.

Create an Up-cycled Ottoman Tray from a Picture Frame

Picture frames are the great empty pallet of DIY. There are literally so many things you can make with picture frames (and when you buy them at a place like the Dollar Store, or in bulk, you get even more bang for your buck!)

I appreciate the color and style of this quaint ottoman tray to add something extra to the decor, DIY style.

Add Some DIY No-Sew Curtains to Your Space

I love sewing but sometimes the pain in the ass that it can outweigh my need to make something cute and clever (and inexpensive) to brighten up space.

This tutorial of adding burlap to $10 IKEA white curtains is genius:

Repurpose Old Candle Jars

There is so much that can be done with old candle jars and using Goo Gone to get the remaining wax residue out of the jar is a legit game changer.

I tend to melt the wax out in the oven or toaster oven (be sure to wrap your glass candle in tin foil to help with the transfer) dump the wax onto a paper towel or wax paper or more tin foil and toss.

But this may be an even easier way to get that last remaining bit of bull shit in the canlde (aka the part that always makes me quit when I’m trying to do this)

Easy Mason Jar Organizer for Bathroom or Office

Consider Mason jars to be a blank canvas for decor. You can paint them, fill them, stack them, hang them. They compliment so many different styles from farmhouse, to rustic looks, to even bohemian and beach themed rooms.

This Organizer is a clever way to utilize them to organize bathroom decor, but replace cotton balls with pins, scissors, and markers and you’ve got yourself a little homework station for kids.

DIY Washi Tape Wall Art

This is such a clever way to spruce up a space with an original piece of art!






Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space
Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space



Upgrade a Throw Pillow With these Billy Balls (and Easy DIY Embroidery Tutorial)

I was so skeptical reading this post about how to embroider a throw pillow (i’m serious). I know how to sew and I can work my way around a crafting table at a very basic level. But embroidery? That takes too much patience.

If you’ve got a bit more than I do, check out this post from the West Elm blog that takes you step by step in creating a really unique look from scratch. (And it’s so much more affordable than dropping $50 – $75 on a pillow of the same caliber!)






Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space
Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space



DIY Decor Key Holder/Art

I appreciate the potential of using any colors, or configuration with this DIY key holder made out of paint, a slab of wood and some hooks.

Modge Podge Colorful Canvas Art

Upgrade a nursery or animal loving child’s bedroom with these super clever wall art pieces that are made with plastic animals. (I’m legit looking at some of my boys plastic animal toys wondering if they’ll miss them, really).






Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space
Easy DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space



Here’s Another Up-cycled Toy Animal DIY Tutorial

My kids love these little toys and I know that when they outgrow them we’ll have lots of fun projects to make. Shit. I may just steal a few now to at least top a few treat jars!

Check out this easy tutorial on how to add toppers to nearly anything.

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