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25 Dollar Store DIY Decor Ideas (On a Budget!)

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I’m not a perfect DIY princess. I tend to give up on projects more than I follow through with them. I also love myself a good Home Goods Haul more than just about anything else. But when it comes time to upgrade the decor in my house, sometimes I just don’t have the budget for it. (But I’ve got the goals. Oh, how I’ve got goals).

Enter DIY, and specifically, Dollar Store DIY because damn there’s some fucking possibilities with a little time, patience, and a hot glue gun and some paint.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you here because damnit there are a lot of dollar story DIY posts on Pinterest and Google and it’s hard to keep a list.

Because I naturally tend to suck at DIY, or at least believe that I suck, until I actually get into it and then voila I’ve made a fucking office space! But because I know how hard it can be, I tried to curate things that even the laziest fucking DIY’er could do in a spare 30 minutes on a Saturday while the kids are watching another episode of Wild Kratt’s.

There is something very exciting about making something and repurposing something and generally being a badass.

Here are some of the most impressive (and beautiful) Dollar Store hacks for you to do your DIY magic on this weekend.

Cute Storage Baskets

Eew. “Cute storage baskets” doesn’t even begin to describe these. These are cute, practical, and super handy. If your house is a lot like mine then it’s full of all kinds of “crap” and i like to use that term loosely. These plastic storage bins can make it all look so much more uniform and it’s relatively easy to throw them together.

And then even easier to throw the crap in the bins.

The only thing I think is missing for these are pictures of what’s on the labels for the younger, non-reading contingent.

Cute Succulent Displays

Succulents are an easy subject for your DIY dollar store crafting desires. They’re one of those easy, no nonsense plants that require minimal watering.

And they’re beautiful too. Make them even prettier and display them in little bowls put together like this.

DIY Dollar Store Picture Frame Lanterns

Make a high end looking lantern out of dollar store picture frames with this video tutorial that makes it look so forking easy. I wanna do this like, right now.

And….Hurricane Lamp Made out of Picture Frames

Hurricane lamps are a really smart addition to your patio, back deck or yard, or just as a compliment to your living room decor. I really love how these hurricane lamps turned out in this DIY tutorial.

And a Dollar Tree Terrarium too! Out of Picture frames! Are you noting a theme here there’s a lot of really stupid cute shit you can make with stupid cheap picture frames. So much so I wrote a whole ‘nother blog post about it here:

29 DIY Dollar Store Frame Ideas Even a Beginner DIY’er Can Do

Make a DIY Dollar Store Terrarium

This is a gorgeous way to turn something cheap and blah into something that looks expensive and just…wow! Pairing the colors of the picture frames with the colors in your living space will make this feel even more luxurious.

DIY Dollar Store Picture Frame Luminaries

This backlit picture frame is a clever way of using the Dollar Store DIY picture frames for their intended purpose. Displaying gorgeous pics in an even more gorgeous way.

15 Minute Dollar Store Wreath

Ya’ll. The name alone is calling me. 15 minutes from random supplies to look at what I made!!?? What a fun project this is.

Make a Soup Can Herb Gardens

This is not even Dollar Store, this is dig into your Pantry and save a few cans of soup or beans after you use them (and clean them of course). I love how the author of this post had so few fucks left to give she was all, don’t even throw these cans away cuz I’ve got plans.

Create a Geometric Hombre Wall from Dollar Store Tape

Geometric Hombre Wall using Dollar Store Tape (You’ll still need to hit up a Paint store for this one, my bad). But still. Like how clever and gorgeous is this!?

For More Wall Art Inspiration…

Check out this masking tape wall art timelapse

DIY Epsom Salt Luminaries

These are so clever and gorgeous and add a strange bit of elegance to old jars or mason jars.

DIY Dollar Store Beveled Mirrors

These look so fucking expensive. And they’re dollar store mirrors. It blows my mind. And it’s so clever and simple. If you’ve been around the DIY block a buncha times maybe you’ve seen these techniques before but I really appreciated the tip about adding cork protectors for the bottom piece.

DIY Dollar Store Glitter Vases

These are ADORABLE for a baby shower. Consider using glitter in holiday-themed colors for a little Christmas decor idea.

Create Industrial Mall Sorting Baskets from Dollar Store Supplies

Industrial Mail Sorting Baskets are SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. Paint, dry, and if you’re lucky to find cute picture frames to put the chalk board in (like the author did here) then you’re set with a DIY project that actually is easy to do.

DIY Dollar Store Serving Tray

This super cute DIY Serving Tray is another one that requires very little actual DIY and a whole lot more in being able to pick the perfect patterned place mat and picture frame.

DIY Dollar Store Burlap Storage Baskets

I love these Farmhouse inspired burlap baskets for storage. You can read more Farmhouse Dollar store DIY ideas here.

DIY Glass Bead Candle Holder

I love this Glass Bead Candle Holder because it looks fancy AF and is only about $3 and also you fukin made this. It’s a little labor intensive but not totally out of control and #worthit.

DIY Dollar Store Elephant Decor

Look, as the mom of two Wild Kratt’s — animal obsessed — who own every safari animal – boys, this gold elephant is kind of genius and I CANNOT WAIT to do this with the boy’s elephant collection when they tire of them. ( I may just buy a spare one so I can do it now).

Also this is one of the easiest fucking DIY projects I’ve ever seen to totally jazz up your space. The trick is finding the paint the Jenn recommends (Rust-Oleum Gold Paint and NOT spray paint).

DIY Dollar Store Magnet Organizer

This is a really clever way to add some character to a crafting station or to use as a tray for small toys, keys, or other knick knacks:

DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Painted Candlesticks

Another super simple decor idea that only requires a bit of paint (my how much just a little bit of paint can do!)

These candlesticks are perfect to update a space for the holidays or just add something new and fresh to a room.

DIY Crafting Bowl out of Dollar Tree Supplies

I like the functionality of this crafting bowl that can be a little supply holder too. it’s a very meta project: make the thing that holds the stuff that made it. Woah.

Cheap DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Decor

Setting your home up for some fall decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Hack it with this tip from DIY With My Guy and paint some cheap stupid pumpkins. DIY done.

Dollar Store Throw Pillows for the Fall

Speaking of the fall…i love how simple (and non sew) of a project this is even for the occasional DIY’er. You can use an iron too to get the designs onto the pillow cases.

Dollar Store Cake Stand

I love how rustic and airy this is and also how fucking simple it is too! Such an easy design and such a stupid simple way to display your baked goods.

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