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37 Holiday DIY Decor Ideas (Cheap, Easy, and Gorgeous)

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Tis the season for holiday decor and it’s completely possible to decorate your entire home on super low (okay practically no) budget and in just a few minutes. Because who has time to decorate when there are sales to snag Christmas gifts, holiday shows to prepare for, end of the year and quarter deadlines to make, and family visits to pack or clean for.

Almost everyone has a limited amount of time to put up holiday decorations this time of the year, and yet, here we are, wanting our home to look cozy and festive and needing it to be done like yesterday.

Enter these super practical holiday DIY decor ideas for you to whip something together in no time and also be able to say to all your guests at the Christmas party, oh that old thing? I made it!

Make Your House Smell and Look Amazing

I love this tutorial from pinkfortitude to make orange cloved decorations (that smell as amazing as they are beautiful!)

Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

Shut up about how effing easy this is to make. As Rachel Ray says in her video “You don’t even need a glue gun people!”

I actually bought the pillar candles from Trader Joes (that are like $1.99 a piece) but you can easily find these at the Dollar Store. They legit make your house smell so awesome and even if you find like…old cinnamon sticks they’re not going to go bad or rot. Like this shit can be packed up and used again another year if you want if you forget to burn them! (Although the smell may not be as potent)

Starry Lights Wrapped Around Branches or Placed in Mason Jars

These fairy lights from Amazon are the perfect inexpensive holiday decor item to have on hand. Use them in a mason jar as a centerpiece, wrap them around dried fallen branches (as a centerpiece) or hang the branches for some added mood.

Use Salt for Holiday Decor Ideas

Salt is kind of a weird miracle holiday decor DIY ingredient because it can give the appearance of snow.

You can pour the salt into a glass vase and stick a branch it in like this:

You can find more ideas using salt at this site.

But I kind of LOVE this super easy DIY for the front windows which makes our SO Cal home look super festive.

Also, to make this you need a cup of beer. So, you know. Two of my favorite things in one go: Crafting and booze!

Easy Holiday Decor with Pine Cones

Pine cones are naturally super festive. My boys and I tend to go on a “hunt” for table decor before Thanksgiving every year and simple collect pine cones to place on the runner on our table.

But this is some next level shit and a super helpful guide to painting pine cones.

I love her example of pink with little shimmery glitter bits. While I hate glitter generally both for its environmental impact and also because it gets everywhere, there’s something about how simple and gorgeous it looks that I may make an exception for this year.

Make cute little pine cone necklaces (like these from the art of doing stuff) for your kitchen decor.

These are really fun and another take on decorating with pine cones: Neon dipped pinecones!

Use them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. This is the ultimate Holiday Decorating Idea that has staying power and also looks fucking awesome.

Make Gorgeous Bleached Pinecones

Also from Pink Fortitude is this awesome idea for bleached pinecones that doesn’t use bleach! (whattt!?) Spoiler alert – chalk paint to the rescue with this one!

Make a Beautiful Pinecone Vase

This is an awesome and cheap DIY idea you can do in under 10 minutes that’s perfect for the entire fall and gives your whole lewk something so romantic and cozy and also just freaking festive.

I love that the idea came from the blogger’s daughter in a whim of inspiration at the craft store.

Make a Simple Ornament Garland

Ever find something on the internet or Pinterest and take a look at it and feel like OMG THAT’S SO FUCKING OBVIOUS and also gorgeous and also when can we do this tho? That’s how I feel about this adorable and simple ornament garland.

It’s a perfect way to incorporate festive colors without breaking the bank (and easy to throw together – even the kids can help!)

Make an Easy Christmas Centerpiece Out of Ornaments

This is another fantastic, simple, and inexpensive way to use those ornaments you keep seeing but know just don’t match everything else on your tree. Check out the how to from Jasper and Willow.

Easy Rustic DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Amanda from Jasper and Willow describes this as the one thing that you can do even on minimal sleep and completely painlessly (which is what we need during the holiday season #amiright?

Make DIY Christmas Tree Doily Ornaments

When I first saw this post from Down Red Bud Drive I was very hesitant because I legit felt like it was going to be impossible but it’s actually mind numbingly simple! and It’s a nice rustic holiday vibe to add to your decor., or Christmas tree.

Use Paper to Make ALL OF THE Holiday Decor

The following ideas are so clever, easy, can be totally turned into a quick craft with your kids or just something to do while you’re streaming your 10th viewing of Love Actually. The best part? Christmas holiday decor made with paper is super affordable so don’t feel bad if I totally fuck it all up because i’ve had too much egg nog or spiked Chai.

Check out the below for paper holiday craft inspo!

Sweet Paper Snowflakes

Get over it with this super simple decor idea that even the kids can do. We loved making a ton of snowflakes and hanging them with paper clips and a bit of string from the ceiling of the boys rooms this year. Kind of like this!

But here are 15 more other sweet ideas for how to use those paper snowflakes to decorate everything from your bedroom, to your kitchen tablescape.

It’s a legit winter wonderland!

If you want to level up your snowflake game…

Make 3D Paper Snowflakes

Oh damn ya’ll. These 3D paper snowflakes look so incredibly intricate but I’ve watched this Youtube video and can promise you it’s not super difficult. And you can make them with standard printer paper! (win mother fucking win!)

Make Faceted Vases Out of Paper

Replace the paper in this YouTube Video with White or shimmery paper and you’ve got yourself a perfect faceted vase that’s fit for your mantle or an entryway table.

More Paper Holiday Decor Ideas

Make pretty geometric ornaments with these tutorials:

Make Origami Stars with Paper

This tutorial features stars for a more patriotic theme but ya’ll… find some some green, red, and white paper or even just shimmery gold and white origami paper and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous handmade design to decorate your stairs, your hallway, even presents.

Easy Poinsettia Paper Flowers

Poinsettias are a really gorgeous holiday plant that you can use to decorate any space, but for those of us with pets it runs the risk of being a bit dangerous if they decide to take a chomp (when we had a cat, for SURE that little tiger would try to eat them so they were a no go).

These paper crafts bring all the vibrant colors and also are super safe for pet owners.

Make a Waterless Snow Globe

This is a sweet gift to make or something to involve the kids and really invoke the feeling of the holidays. I love how it looks and also it’s a really clever way to use Mason Jars which are so cheap and come in so many different sizes and styles.

Make Some Legit Snow Globes

I love this idea from BoulderloCavor to make adorable (and easy) snow globes. Full disclosure this is a bit of a more advanced craft (you have to go to a few different stores, probably to get all the ingredients, and they include things like glycerin BUT once you get all the shiz it’s really easy to put together and a super fun to do with your kids and possibly even make as a little gift for relatives or grandma!

Make Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Don’t be fooled by the Halloween themed scarf in the demo this is a really fun idea for easy decor (that can be thrown together even at the last second!) and popped on a centerpiece or mantle.

Use Christmas or Hanukkah scarves, or colors to really make it more festive.

Try These 5-Minute Homemade Ornaments

The beauty of these ornaments is that all the glitter, glue, and paint goes INSIDE the ornament making it a DIY Christmas Tree ornament I can get behind.

Check out the tutorial here.

Make Cute Ornament Gifts

For some reason the presents under the tree always seems to be the MOST festive. Or it just feels like that. Just me? I love this idea of cute Christmas ornaments you can decorate your house with or decorate your gifts for the holiday season. They are easy and inexpensive, and you can even make these with your kids! (win win!)

Beach Themed Christmas Ornaments (for Holiday Decor)

If your home has a beachy theme (or you just would love to dream of warmer weather) these adorable handmade ornaments are a really easy way to spice up your tree for the holidays and also give you a little bit of that cheeseburger in paradise feel.

Cute Holiday Signs (and Free printable)

Not that I don’t need to be told what to do but, these signs really combine a fresh reminder of the season and also a cute way to decorate your kitchen, or a little coffee bar for a holiday party. Even just the mantle piece( and be sure to have hot cocoa or chai or SOMETHING on hand for this little ditty because people will be asking once they see it.

Check out the tutorial here.

Use Transfer Paper to Adorn Throw Pillows With Christmas Reindeers

I love a good throw pillow. it’s one of my favorite, easiest ways to give a room or a piece of furniture a totally new look without doing a lot of work.

This idea from Burton Avenue is a really fun way to make your own holiday throw pillows for a cute little reading nook and perfect to cuddle up with your new favorite book and drink some cocoa.

Make Mini Wreaths to Hang in your Kitchen! (So Clever!)

This is a spectacularly festive way to bring a little holiday cheer to your home simply, and affordably. We have white kitchen cabinets as well and this project is tops of my list this holiday season.

check out the tutorial below from Youtube. And read more here.

Use Rosemary for Everything….

Rosemary is the perfect herb for holiday decor ideas. It’s hearty and doesn’t require a lot of watering. It’s also super fragrant. And the best part? It can be bent, shaped or cut to your will!

We had a rosemary wreath on our front door last year and I loved how aromatic it was. This year with the combo of rosemary trees like the one below, and sprigs of rosemary on our mantle, the whole dang house smells like the holidays (and it’s glorious!)

Trim a rosemary plant into a triangle like the image below and use it as a mini Christmas tree.

This sweet and simple vignette isn’t exactly replaceable (the crafter found all the pieces at places like Marshals and Tuesday Morning) but you could make your own with a few letters from Michaels, a few potting planters from Lowes or the Dollar Store, a cake pan and a candle holder.

Add a few sprigs of rosemary and boom. Holiday Decor is done.

This DIY Joy Sign Is The Most Complex Thing On This List (But Still Super Easy)

If you have a cricut and found yourself in possession of the perfect sign placard that is made of glass (lucky you!) this is a very simple way to add a beautiful craft sign to your decor that you can reuse for years to come. Use rosemary as the wreath and add some fragrance to the space as well.

Make a Christmas Vignette for a Mantle or Hall Table

There’s something about setting up a little table of holiday goodies that really adds to the decor and style around the holidays. I love how simple this is to throw together with some adorable ornaments that you can purchase at the dollar store (or make your own from above!) Add some candles and a nice tray and voila!

Paint Your Doormat for Extra Holiday Decor

This is such a clever idea and totally easy (and fun for the kids to help with as well!) Adding something to the exterior decor of your house for the holidays is a really fun and simple way to up the ante. And what’s even better? You can either save these inexpensive matts for next year (or make new ones for each holiday coming up – i’m loving the idea of hearts for valentines day) or totally toss ‘em and start something fresh next year.

The mats are inexpensive enough that I don’t feel totally guilty doing this. You could also possibly gift them to neighbors or a friend.

Use Your Cricut to Make Doormats with Letters

If you have a cricut here are some other really clever ideas for making your doormat stand out this holiday season:

Use a Sponge Brush to Make Snowballs on a Door Mat

And yet another one that may be the easiest one yet (because the entire design of it is reliant on buying the right sponge for the paint!) I love how easy this is and how much potential there is for creativity ( making different colored dots for example!) Get the kids involved and have a really festive entrance to your home!

Wine Glass Votive Candle Holders

Turn a wine glass over, either decorate the interior of the glass (with small leaves, dried red cranberries, etc) or paint the exterior as the Frugal Navy Wife has in a santa theme! (Genius).

Create Christmas Wine Glass Centerpieces

This is such a festive idea and there is so much room for potential with all the ways you can use different glasses. Check out this post from Bath Tubs and Artsy Things to get inspired.

Get Crafty (and Baking) With Unique Ginger Bread Houses

Not knocking gingerbread houses, and if that’s your thing, do you boo, but generally speaking, I find the idea of leaving a large sugary treat out on my counter for like a month both sort of weird and just not my thing (don’t ya’ll end up with an ant problem at the end of the season??).

These are some clever spins on gingerbread houses that you’ll want to have on hand for your holiday party, and even for some decor!

These snow globe gingerbread houses really tackle my fear of leaving sugary treats out all day and night (thanks butterheartssugar!)

If you’re looking for more traditional Gingerbread houses (and design templates) check out this post from country living, where I found the above ideas as well!

Holiday Decor Ideas and Decorations

Whatever your motif, there are tons of ways to make your home feel festive and in the spirit of the holidays. These tips above can add to even the most basic of design to transform a space (which is kind of a big deal!) Do less, make it look beautiful, get on with your life.

Got any favorite holiday decor DIY ideas you’d like me to know about? Comment below and I’ll include them? Figure out a way to completely transform your living room into a winter wonder land on a Dollar Store budget? Let me know below.

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