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33 Adorable, Thoughtful, and Unique Christmas Mason Jar Gift Ideas to Make this Holiday Season

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Mason Jar’s are a blank slate and that’s why they’re my favorite gift DIY, presentation tool, and drinking glass. When it comes to figuring out the perfect Christmas gift for family, neighbors, or your child’s teachers, there’s something elegantly simple about a gift presented in it’s own container – the Mason Jar!

I love Mason Jars. They’re functional, they’re practical, they look beautiful even if they’re just holding some flowers on a table.

Mason Jars are a classic item to use to store canned goods but are so affordable that it makes all kindsa sense to use them for every-fucking-thing including thoughtful Gifts.

Here’s a collection of Christmas Mason Jar Gift ideas sure to please the masses on your shopping list:

Gluten-Free Gifts in a Mason Jar

This cookie recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and easy to throw together as a gift for teachers, colleagues, or even Grandma! Adding the Christmas colored M&M’s and you’ve got a very festive little present.

Check out the tutorial here:

Holiday Mason Jars

This idea can be a nice little display in a cute corner of your home, act as a center piece for Christmas dinner, or even serve as a serving dish for holiday candy! I love how cute they are as a litlte set and throwing them together (wash, paint, glue, repeat!) is so easy!

Christmas Slime in a Mason Jar

If your kids are as obsessed with slime as mine are this is an awesome way to make your own and then store it so that it’s not suddenly laying around on your carpet (how annoying is that shit-discovery. Like Idk what’s worse? Dog vomit on the carpet? Or slime?)

Anyway, keep your slime contained (and presented in an adorable way) with this perfect Christmas Mason Jar tutorial.

Make a Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Gift Candle

Christmas cookies being baked in the oven is kind of one of those smells that just FEELS like the holidays. Keep it going all season long with these handmade candles. They’re really adorable gifts and they’re also surprisingly simple to throw together even last minute.

Make Mason Jar Christmas Candles

Look if you’re decorating your home for teh holidays, perhaps one of the most affordable and easy ways to up-level your Christmas decor is to incorporate some pretty candles that also smell divine.

Say hello to this tutorial that also makes it fun and crafty (and could be a good gift too! Especially if you’re one of those people who likes to give candles as gifts).

Make DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Toppers

No matter what the mason jar Christmas Gift you decide to make, this is a really festive way to dress it up and add a little more holiday cheer. It’s also just a matter of some glue, some fake snow, mini ornaments and some cardstock. It’s so simple I want to make these for ALL the gifts in our home.

They could also be adorable displays just as they are! (and a fun craft to involve the kids in as well).

Make DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

Since were here, and we’re talking about snow globes here’s how to make some that don’t suck and also make your kids want to grab ‘em and shake shake shake ‘em like they’ve been listening to some combination of “Hey Ya” by Outkast and Taylor Swift’s “ Shake it Off.”

And while we’re at it may as well add those two songs to your Christmas Spotify playlist because it’s not like you’re going to get them out of your head anyway.

Sorry, not sorry.

Learn how to make some snow globes here:

Make Mason Jar Luminaries for Your Christmas Table

These are simple to make using Epsom salt, some glue, and some little battery operated lights. They’re great for a centerpiece and also can be given as a little party favor depending on your crew and your festivities.

They also add that element of dim light to a perfectly dressed Christmas table.

Make Fragrant Waxless Christmas Candles with Mason Jars

These are GORGEOUS and will add that festive Christmas coloring to your centerpiece or as a gift. Also, the addition of cranberries and pine sprigs is such an incredible smell. We don’t get a real Christmas tree so I imagine this can provide some of that scent. These are tops of my list of mason jar gift ideas this holiday season for sure!

Make Banana Bread in a Jar for Christmas Gifts

I love banana bread. I love how it smells. I love to eat it. I love to use leftover bananas in a way that my kids also love!

Growing up I could smell the banana bread from the kitchen downstairs and know it was the weekend and we were in for a real treat.

Gifting banana bread in a mason jar is such a sweet (literally) and thoughtful treat!

You can eat these with a spoon, top with a little vanilla ice cream or just as is!

Hot Cocoa in a Mason Jar

When I was in 7th grade someone on the dance team gave all the girls peppermint hot cocoa mix in a jar. Like this was way before Pinterest. Shoot, this was even before the internet.

So this was like a legit “idea” that someone found in a magazine or some other relic of a decor source or DIY staple. So to say that hot cocoa in a jar is a “new idea” isn’t true. But regardless, this is a classic Mason Jar gift idea that will certainly win you points in the carpool line, or at least with your family members who love some nostalgia (and well designed gift presentation!)

Cookies in a Mason Jar Gift Idea

Speaking of sweet treats to gift a friend, family, and or hostess let’s get thee to some cookie dough making tutorials shall we?

I love this one from Cool Farm Girl Gabs.

And this one is a triple chocolate chip cookie recipe. Because one chocolate is definitely not enough to deal with the potential conversations about the 2020 election with your family.

And another one from Money Savvy Living.

That comes with some really cool tutorial about etching your mason jar as a keepsake. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Use Mason Jars or Old Jars as Candles and Gifts

This tutorial for transforming baby food jars or old jars of peaches can easily be used for mason jars (although you’ll want to buy the kind that are smooth).

If you don’t have a baby and don’t have baby food jars, #whocares. They’re cheaper than buying fancy candles. Or use whatever old jar you’ve got. I’m not going to judge you for finally throwing away those olives that you bought that one time for a dirty martini and then forgot existed for the past 1.5 years.

These are a beautiful way to package gifts that are handmade. You can custom them to favorite colors or designs as well!

Make Homemade Soy Candles In Mason Jars

Soy candles are an awesome alternative to regular candles because they burn 50% longer and leave less waste. As the author of this post suggests, making candles is so much easier and less intimidating than we think!

These are adorable and gorgeous and make really awesome thoughtful gifts for friends who have everything.

Make Mason Jar Santa Gifts

These Santa Christmas Mason Jar Gifts for friends or for teachers or for yourself because you love Christmas!

They’re simple to make, easy enough to involve the kids and totally adorable.

Make Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar Gifts or Decor

Because Santa cannot be without his reindeer (I mean, come on) here’s a really adorable little Reindeer craft to use as a gift, decor, or just because! They’re perfect as little party souvenirs for a holiday party (particularly a school party!) or for with families with lots of kids!

I love how she’s included a Christmas snack mix inside as a gift idea. But you could easily do this with hot cocoa too!

Make Thumb Print Reindeer Ornaments for Grandparents

This is an adorable way to use old mason jar lids (we always have too many laying around from old projects or because we just use the mason jars as a drinking glass or a vase!)

It’s also a thoughtful keepsake for your kids and a memory to put on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Painted Mason Jars

Perhaps one of the easiest Christmas crafts to make with mason jars is to simply paint them. This tutorial gives several suggestions to spice up your holiday DIY decor. And some cute ideas too!

Christmas Gnome Mason Jars

IDK if there’s anything more adorable (Or perhaps more creepy depending on your gnome world view?) on this list than these Christmas mason jars that are fucking gnomes. Like way to add a conversation piece to the table with these crazy beasts. But also how clever and simple!

Drink and Be Merry Christmas Mason Jar

When it comes to the holidays I usually need a drink. I know there maybe readers who don’t imbibe and that’s fine. You do you. But for me, it helps me take the edge off of dealing with the potential political conversations, the fact that I’ve put on 10 pounds that I recently lost, and also generally survive that awkward office holiday party that no one REALLY wants to be at but goes to because everyone needs to have some face time with the boss.

Enter these Drink and Be Merry mason jar ideas

A word of warning: please do not drink and craft with these. There are “layers” of vinyling that is happening and it requires some precision.

Herb Salt Mason Jar Gift Idea

When people give me cooking season I kind of love it because it allows me the freedom to experiment in the kitchen with some new cooking flavors.

Simultaneously, the gift of herbed salts means I have to experiment with new flavors in the kitchen.

Wherever you or your gift-ees fall on the map, here is a clever and salty idea for making gifts with mason jars.

Another Incredible Herb Salt Recipe (Because You Can Never Give Enough Herb Salts)

Look you could seriously combine some of the recipes in this into a giant basket of mason jar Christmas gift ideas but I’m not going to tell you what to do. You’re a grown ass woman. But if you were to combine them you’re going to want to include this salt recipe. Because it’s the kind of thing someone may use all of and then text you sometime in March and be like “hey, how did you make those salts though?” and you can be all “Oh I found the recipe on this blog let me find it quick,”

And because you’ve pinned this post to pinterest you find it in a snap and then head to the website here

DIY Chai Vanilla Coffee Scrub Mason Jar Gift

Look. It’s fucking cold and dry outside. Your skin is thirsty, my dear. Gift this to yourself for the love of god. No one needs to see those cracked elbows when you roll up your sweater at the aforementioned social-dead-zone of a Christmas party.

Okay so if you don’t want to give this to yourself, no worries. This is another clever mason jar christmas gift idea that your friends won’t hate. Except for the coffee grinds in the shower. IDK how it doesn’t start to smell like coffee but I’m not a coffee grinds expert.

DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

Are you sensing a theme at this moment in my post? A theme of getting clean and smelling good while doing it? A theme of gifting this same relief to your closest acquaintances that you don’t know what kind of real gifts they’d like so….this then?

Personally my mom loves taking baths as a form of self care, so this is definitely going on the list of “crafts” to gift her and something that’s easy to make with the kids too.

Peppermint Bath Salts

If you and the squad have just run a marathon of last minute shopping, attending your kid’s holiday school program, hosted one of the 15 holiday parties you must attend this season, and also haven’t even started wrapping all the presents then this is the bath salt soak you need to make for your friends (and then keep some extra on hand for you!)

The combo of the epsom salts, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil is gonna take you from “when is this over to” “ let’s do this.”

Make a Blueberry Scrub in a Mason Jar

I used to freelance write for an herbal supplement company and I had to write about ten articles about blueberries and while I cannot remember MOST of what I wrote in those pieces that float around the internet, I do remember one thing: there are more antioxidants in a half a cup of blueberries than there are in nearly any other berry or fruit or magical herb.

The effects of eating said half a cup just once a week are numerous and so can you only IMAGINE what it’s like to put this shit all over your aging, tired, stretched, aching skin?

Give them a gift of the fountain of youth that you also made with this shit:

Mason Jar Spa in a Jar

As if we didn’t have enough of a hard time cleaning up all the epsom salt from our “DIY” crafting space, enter the spa in a jar concept. Which is a really interesting way to package a nice reusable container for your gift-ee.

Depending on the shopping spree you’ve conducted at Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond, or Bath and Body works, you can also customize a little label for your thoughtful gift.

DIY Potpourri Mason Jar Gifts

Fall spices make your entire home smell like Christmas. While you make this delicious smelling gift for friends and family you’ll give yourself the gift of a home that smells heavenly! And also may make you want to bake a pie or something too while we’re at it.

I don’t judge. I just suggest.

Mason Jar Coffee Gift Jar

Speaking of gifts to give to people you don’t know very well, enter the Mason jar Coffee gift set. Which could easily also be tea. Or sweets. Or whatever. Tell them that you care, but not like, THAT much. Just a cup of coffee, much.

Or tea.

Or Sweets.


DIY Mason Jar Snowman Gifts

Look if the people in your office are the kind of people who decorate the cubicle for each holiday (or shit, if there’s at least ONE person who does this) then this is the mason jar Christmas gift that you need.

You can put anything in these adorable little jars and they’re perfect for teacher gifts, neighbors, or for Nancy who always is on theme.

Check out the tutorial here.

Rustic Christmas Mason Jar Centerpieces

If your holiday party is going to have any kind of sitting around a table, then this is the DIY mason jar Christmas gift for you.

These are festive, adorable, and make perfect souvenirs for your guests. Or keep ‘em. For next year. IDGAF. You’re in charge.

Decorate Christmas Mason Jars with Homemade Ribbons and Bows

Because mason jars are kind of the great blank slate of the glass jar world, you can literally throw a bunch of candy, or pencils, or post it notes, or flowers, or even a fucking gift card (or cash) inside of one and give it as a gift.

The functionality of the jar is perfect for the receiver to continue to find other uses for it, and the presentation is rustic and classy and adorable all at the same time.

Make it even more adorable with these handmade bows and ties to personalize the presentation.

Level Up Your Presentation with Christmas Burlap Sack Mason Jar Covers

Depending on which lovely DIY Christmas Mason Jar gift you make from the list above, you can level up your presentation game with a little handmade burlap sack.

I’m thinking this works best for some of the spa gifts.

But you don’t have to do this either. You just have to enjoy the holidays without the stress of spending more than you budgeted and making some gifts that make people go “omg, you made this?!”

Check out the cute covers here.

How are you celebrating the holidays? Got any other fun Christmas Mason jar Gift ideas? Comment below or share this Pin on Pinterest to keep this festivity going.

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