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How to Hang Things Without Nails: A Renter’s Dilemma

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Every renter has had to ask this at some point: How can I hang things on the wall without nails? Most rental units do not allow you to make permanent changes, such as drilling into the wall. That leaves you in a predicament if you want to put up pictures or shelves.

So how can you hang stuff without drilling holes?

Well, first of all, talk to your landlord. Yes, the lease agreement might have said you cannot make holes in the wall, but many landlords actually don’t mind if you use tiny nails and leave a SMALL hole. But please check with your landlord first. You might also offer to patch up any holes left behind and paint over them. I’ve done this before, and the apartment complex was fine with it. But you MUST make sure you can get the same shade of paint to cover the patches.

If you can’t get around it, then below are 12 ways to hang things WITHOUT nails. Enjoy!

1. Double-sided removable mounting tape

From reading the Amazon description, this tape IS removable but is NOT meant to be used on regular painted walls because the paint might peel off in the removable process. However, lots of reviewers did say they were able to remove it from painted walls just fine, but not all had the same luck. So realize you’ll be taking your chances.

This mounting tape is best used on cinderblock walls, cabinets, mantles, and bathroom tiled walls.

2. Command hooks

Command hooks can do it all!

Command hooks come with the famous Command strips that are not supposed to do damage to any walls; simply pull downward and the adhesive should release. HOWEVER, I HAVE seen instances where the Command strips DO peel paint off. Usually this happens when there are several layers of paint on a wall. The strip will pull down the top layers, exposing the original layer of paint. So be careful.

3. Damage-Free Curtain Rod Holder with 3M Strips

Hanging curtains is always a pain when you have to drill holes to hang the rods! Well, you don’t need to worry about making ANY holes in your wall with this damage-free curtain rod holder. It uses 3M strips to stick to the wall, and the plastic part securely holds your curtain rod.

4. Window suction cup shelf

Want to display your plants on the wall while giving the sunlight? Get this window suction cup shelf! You don’t have to limit yourself to plants, either. You can put picture frames and knick-knacks while saving counter space!

5. Leaning bookshelf

This cute bamboo ladder bookshelf leans backward and has anti-slip grips on the bottom for stability. Instead of drilling holes in the wall to hang picture frames, put them on this slim shelf that doesn’t take up too much space.

6. Freestanding leaning ladder rack

Leaning ladder racks are great for hanging towels or blankets. Problem is, most leaning ladder racks require mounting to the wall—which involves drilling holes! But thankfully, THIS ladder rack does NOT need to be mounted. You just lean it against the wall, and voila!

7. Clothing rack for hanging plants

I saw this damage-free hanging plant hack and was obsessed with it! Simply buy a clothing rack and hang your planters from the rods. That way, you don’t have to drill holes in your ceiling!

8. Get a freestanding mirror instead of mounting one to the wall

You’ve GOTTA have a floor length mirror in any home. I absolutely love those huge ones that lean against the wall…BUT they require mounting on top to secure it. Instead of doing that, get a freestanding mirror with a stand in the back. That way, you can ensure you look your best WITHOUT drilling any holes.

9. Command strips

Command strips are so versatile! You can hang anything from posters to large, heavy frames. These hold up to 16 lbs!

10. Command canvas hanger

I recently saw someone use this at their house to hang a large canvas painting. It’s genius! You just stick the Command strip to the back of this plastic piece that has “teeth” on top and stick it to the wall. Then, you rest the top edge of the canvas on the plastic part.

11. Sugru moldable glue

Sugru is an incredible invention. It starts out as moldable, putty-like substance and then hardens into a durable silicone rubber. You can shape it into anything, such as a hook, and then stick it to your wall, and it will harden and stay there. BUT it is also removable! You might have to scrape off the residue, though. And be warned: It might peel paint off of painted walls. The safest place to use these is on bathroom tile or cinderblock walls or something.

12. Mounting putty

This mounting putty holds up to 2 lbs and is removable. Great for lightweight items like posters!