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11 Small Living Room Space-Saving Storage Ideas

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I always live in tiny studio apartments, which of course, have small living room areas. That’s why I was on the hunt for the best small living room storage ideas. Here’s what I found. I hope this helps you!

1. Sleeper AND storage sofa

When you want to have guests over at your small apartment, a sleeper sofa is the way to go! This sofa is amazing for small spaces because it’s both a pull-out bed AND a place you can store stuff. Win-win!

2. Storage ottoman

It’s a place to rest your bum, it’s a place to prop up your feet, and it’s a place to hide your stuff! This cute tufted ottoman gives your small living room extra space with its storage.

3. Over-the-couch laptop desk/end table

This sleek wood-and-metal construction doubles as a laptop desk and an end table when you’re not using it for work! I love that it’s so hidden and takes up very little space. The bottom is designed to slip right under the couch and the top is designed to slide right over the armrests.

4. Over-the-couch pouch

When you run out of surfaces in your small living room to store your remote control, magazines, and other small items, this pouch saves the day! Just slip it over your couch armrest, and it will organize all the little things you need.

5. Nesting coffee tables

I love these nesting coffee tables because you can expand them when you want to create more table space (such as eating dinner in front of the TV) and combine them when you want more walkable room (such as when you have people over).

6. End tables with storage basket

How CUTE is this end table/storage basket combo? The best part is you can remove the cloth storage basket too and use it separately. Great for storing books or throw blankets.

7. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect addition to a small living room. Because they “float” on the wall, there’s no need to take up valuable and limited floor space. If you have white walls, get these white floating shelves, and they’ll blend into the wall for a sleek, minimalist look. Use it for displaying picture frames or storing books!

8. Skinny behind-the-couch table

Create a ledge behind your sofa with this skinny table. If the back of your couch touches a wall, it’s a great way to create hidden storage behind you. Even if the back of your couch does NOT touch a wall, this end table is great for creating more countertop space!

9. Wall-mounted TV stand

Save floor space in your small living room with a wall-mounted TV stand.

10. Indoor/outdoor movie projector

Want the big-screen experience without taking up space with a big screen TV? Get this movie projector to project your favorite shows on your living room wall. It can be used outdoors too, so just move it outside for a summer movie night!

11. Wall-mounted directional light sconces

What I hated about my small living room in my apartment is it had this big floor lamp that was awkward no matter where I placed it—there just wasn’t enough room! That’s why you should totally get these wall-mounted light sconces. The best part is they can swing different directions, so you can aim them in whatever direction you want. Perfect for reading on the couch in your living room!